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Cymbiosis are proud to introduce Tangerine Audio and the Karmen Top Plate!

Posted by September 9th, 2014

Here at Cymbiosis, we are always striving to improve the sound of the LP12. Whether it is with products from Linn themselves, or from trusted 3rd party companies like Tangerine who strive to better the iconic turntable.

A few months ago, Mark Dignam of Tangerine Audio came in to meet Peter and demonstrate the new Karmen top plate for LP12. The Karmen is designed as a direct upgrade to the standard Linn stainless steel top plate. Precision machined from a solid billet of aluminium, the Karmen includes bespoke fixings together with machined cross brace.

The Tangerine Karmen top plate.

The Tangerine Karmen top plate.

Tangerine claim the Karmen brings greater musicality and flow to the player, improved dynamics, deeper, more musical bass lines and impeccable timing to the LP12. This coupled with an incredibly quiet noise floor makes for a more realistic and engaging performance and is a serious upgrade to the LP12.

Although the technical specifications remain a closely guarded secret, Tangerine only use the highest grade materials, which are chosen for their specific application. The Karmen is available in brushed silver or brushed black finish and is a worth while addition to your LP12.

A Tangerine Karmen top plate fitted to LP12

A Tangerine Karmen top plate fitted to LP12

The Karmen has started a partnership between Cymbiosis and Tangerine Audio and we are excited to see a number of upcoming products such as the Kub sub-chassis and other Tangerine products that are currently in the pipeline.

For more information about the Karmen top plate or to book a demonstration against the standard Linn top plate and other 3rd party additions such as the Tiger Paw Khan, please contact Peter directly.

Peter Swain

Peter Swain is the owner and founder of Cymbiosis. He has been in the Hi-Fi Industry over 35 years and spends much of his time tweaking turntables, setting up systems and is involved with every part of Cymbiosis life.

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