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Welcome the VulKan

Posted by May 27th, 2015

The partnership between Cymbiosis and Tiger Paw has been developed over a number of years. Tiger Paw have specialised in creating superb 3rd party accessories and upgrades for the Linn LP12. The Tiger Paw Khan and sKale have shot to success in recent years providing a tangible upgrade to the LP12.

With their latest offering, Tiger Paw have looked to address the issue of LP12 support by creating the VulKan, an LP12 wall bracket.


The VulKan wall shelf has been designed to be an effective light weight and rigid mounting platform for the LP12, or other high performance turntable. It features a thin wall steel frame constructed to be as light but rigid as possible, and offers three or four point spike decoupling for the top shelf. The frame is finished in matt black powder coat process. In conjunction with specially imported wall fixings which provide filtering from wall vibration the VulKan wall shelf assembly has been designed to offer a consistent stable platform for a turntable.


VulKan is available with various options. The thin shelf (standard) is ideal for those using standard feet and 4 point spike decoupling. A spike is located beneath each foot and the shelf is rigid in this context. The threaded inserts are located in a hexagonal hole to ensure that they do not slip or rotate when the spikes are tightened and secured with a lock nut. Each spike is cross drilled to aid adjustment.


A thicker shelf is available for those using the Trampolin or Urika base plate which features inboard mounted feet. This ensures that the shelf remains flat and reduces warp or flex. Similarly, if you wish to use the optional 3 point spikes you should use the thicker shelf to prevent board flex.


In order to prevent the shelf being accidentally knocked the two wooden shelves feature security slots and two pins on either side of the frame to prevent accidental slippage.

Prices for the VulKan start at £229.00. For more information about the Vulkan or any of the other LP12 accessories, please contact Wayne Directly.

Wayne Smith

Wayne Joined the Cymbiosis team in 2005 and he oversees the service department, Used and Ex-demonstration stock as well as general sales. Wayne also deals with all of the domestic and international shipping here at Cymbiosis.

6 comments on this post

  1. Richard Olsen says:

    I like the look of the Vulkan in terms of it being simple and yet functional. Well done tiger Paw! Richard

  2. Richard Goldman says:

    This support shelf looks like a wall mounted version of the Archi Dee turntable stand that was so popular back in the 1990s’. I still have mine and it offers good isolation from vibrations.

  3. samuel says:

    I bought one about six months ago and love it. HUGE improvement sound wise. My LP12 never skipped or stuttered so I didn’t know how much a shelf would improve it. Wow. If you have a suspended table you definitely should try the Vulkan.

  4. Michael Morgan says:

    Hi can I buy a VulKan wall shelf in Australia Iam in Sydney Cheers Mike

  5. Lorenzo Fiorini says:

    hi, I wanted to know if you had a Vulkan and an Elevator to sell me, thanks.

  6. Symon Ball says:

    Hi Is the VulKan wall mount for the LP12 still available Kind regards Symon

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