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The Tiger Paw Tranquility

Posted by Phil Mulvaney March 28th, 2017

Tiger Paw Tranquility, a device that significantly lowers the force acting upon the main bearing of the LP12, which in turn reduces friction and noise. Hence the sound quality improves!

The LP12 has a significant mass acting upon its main bearing as the inner and outer platters weigh close to 3.7Kg! All this is supported on a tiny contact area between the end of the spindle shaft and the mirror polished base of the bearing well. This, I am told, translates to several tons of pressure per square inch at the point of contact! What the Tranquillity does, is to reduce the effective mass acting at this point of contact by just over 90%.

Fitting of the Tranquility is normally an easy process. One just removes the inner platter avoiding loss of oil and very importantly avoiding any contamination to the wet, sticky, oily surface of the spindle shaft. The two opposing discs just locate easily in to place with the black surfaces facing together for magnetic repulsion. The lower disc lowers over the bearing well and rests against the sub-chassis, it is a snug fit. The upper disc is held against the inner platter by an O ring and it just pushes into place against the sub-platter. One can then carefully lower the sub-platter back into place and into the bearing well. Any oil lost must be replaced.

The effects of the tranquillity can be seen immediately as if the outer platter is spun without the belt and so not driving the motor, it just spins and spins and spins! For much longer than a non-Tranquility LP12.

Of course all we are really interested in is the sound quality and the Tranquillity certainly delivers on this. You will experience a new level of musicality, overall integration and clarity of the sound. One is also able to place individuals or instruments better too, but the big thing is that boogie factor which comes across so much, just taking you deeper into the music. The Tiger Paw Tranquility is just £399.00 including VAT.

A really clever, innovative and inexpensive upgrade for your LP12 available for demonstration and fitting here at Cymbiosis.

Phil Mulvaney

Phil has been involved in electronics retail for most of his life and has been a member of the Cymbiosis team since 1990. Phil specialises in digital streaming and networking solutions and is also one of the Cymbiosis webmasters.

4 comments on this post

  1. Stu. says:

    Phil, Nice description write up.😎👍👌

  2. Scott Ross says:

    Is this an easy do it yourself item to fit to the LP12 or does the turntable need to come to Cymbiosis to fit the Tranquility? Does the Tranquility add sufficient weight to the suspension that it needs to be reset?

    • Peter says:

      Scott, as you may have read on various fora, I do suggest the Tranquility is fitted here so as we can guarantee best results but if you wish to try a DIY installation I have no issue with this at all but different owners will have different levels of understanding about the LP12 and the way it needs to be set up and works. The Tranquility adds 175g to the suspension and so the same broadly as a heavy weight album. You now have to add the weight of the album you are playing of course, so on a well set-up and free moving LP12 suspension I would expect to see some depression of the arm-board above the norm and so I would recommend adjustment if possible. Normally, I can look after clients on a while you wait basis for work like this provided you book the time in advance with one of the guys here. I hope this answers your question. Best regards, Peter

  3. Stewart Elliot says:

    I live in Suffolk and made the trip up to Rearsby a couple of months ago following a phone conversation with Peter regarding the fitting of Tiger Paws new Tranquillity upgrade.My Linn required a fair bit of fettling by Peter to balance up the suspension.I already had a non Linn arm fitted which is heavier than the Ekos arm.After some time and several spring combinations Peter had my Linn in”peachy” shape despite the weight additions.he was faced with. I am delighted with the end result.Music is more clear and spacious in presentation whilst retaining the classic strengths of the LP12 in terms of pace and timing.Absolutely marvellous upgrade.Well done Tiger Paw and Peter.

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