Digital to Analogue Converter

A DAC allows you to maximise the potential of your digital audio. Whether they work with a CD player, digital streamer, laptop or other digital device, DACs allow the digital signal to be converted into an analogue signal that a pre-amplifier can understand.



DACs are designed to optimise performance from any two channel PCM digital audio source such as a CD player, PC or streaming device.

With the PC/laptop and Mac now widely accepted as credible mediums for storing and streaming music, the use of high quality lossless files such as WAV, FLAC and ALAC offer performance through a DAC equal to and in some cases better than red book CD.

Naim DAC

The Naim DAC provides eight S/PDIF inputs, two USB inputs, and is capable of handling audio data sampled at up to 768kHz and with up to 24bit resolution. It not only brings all the digital inputs together into the analogue domain, but does so with a level of performance that can compete with the finest from any Naim CD player to provide unrivalled musical fulfilment.

Listening to the Naim DAC is a revelation. Music, whether its source be an iPod, a CD or a high resolution data file,  is presented with more definition, more insight, more warmth, and simply more of those hard-to-define clues of rhythm, melody and emotion that distinguish the real thing from pale imitation. The Naim DAC is an advancement that brings real music in the home closer to reality than ever before.

Naim DAC-V1

Combined with the new NAP 100 power amplifier, the DAC‐V1 creates a compact two-box solution designed to get stunning Naim sound quality from a PC, laptop or Mac via simple USB connection. Audio files at up to 24bit/384kHz resolution can be accessed from a wide variety of audio playback applications, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player and a number of specialist audio applications. The DAC‐V1 turns a computer into more than just a convenient audio source; it becomes a genuine, high‐end, high‐resolution music hub.

While the DAC‐V1 is perfectly suited to being positioned on a desk, or work station near a computer, it is also highly versatile. It can integrate seamlessly into a traditional Hi‐Fi system or be used with any two‐channel digital audio source such as a games console, satellite box or any other device with a digital output via one of its five S/PDIF digital inputs. Furthermore, the DAC‐V1 and NAP 100 can also be combined with the Naim UnitiServe hard disk music server to create a compact high‐end music system.

Rega DAC

Developed to be simple to set up and use, the Rega DAC is a 16/20/24-bit at 32kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue converter (DAC) incorporating an enhanced version of the Rega designed circuit.

Housed in a custom aluminium and steel case and boasting a pair of Wolfson DAC IC’s, 5 user selectable digital filters, two isolated Co-axial inputs, two Toslink SPDIF inputs and an isolated USB input, the Rega DAC is designed and engineered to perform way above its class.