Setting up your LP12: Volume II

I started a thread on the LP12 Section of the Linn Forum in response to a growing number of requests from owners, who perhaps live a long way from their Linn Specialist Turntable Retailers or wish to learn more about setting up and ensuring they were getting great results with their LP12. The guide proved very popular there and the thread was promoted to a sticky status at the top of the first page on the Forum by Linn themselves!

Many readers asked if I could make a downloadable version of the thread postings I made. So in response to this, here is merely a guide for you and in my opinion, you are obviously far better seeing your dealer for any work that you require. Given the amount of material covered, I felt it best to split the Set Up Guide into three Volumes, of which this is the second.

It follows that I do not accept any liability whatsoever for works attempted following your reading of any information contained here. As I said, hopefully you will see this as a useful, general guide, and you will gain a better understanding of the setting up process, consequently a better idea of why retailers need to charge a little for the time and expertise they use while setting up your LP12, and also why they are the best people to set-up and get the best sounds from your LP12. Care, experience, expertise and attention to detail are paramount.

With this guide, I’ve tried to keep it as to the point as possible and have used photographs to illustrate the points made wherever I can, as I hope this will make it more readable for anyone interested in using it as a guide for reference in future. However, it’s not completely all encompassing, so if having read it, you have any questions, please just email me at

Kind regards,

Peter Swain

Download pdf file