Kiseki Cartridges

Kiseki, founded by Herman van den Dungen, produce a range of cartridges which are hand crafted in Holland. Kiseki, reintroduced in 2010, are renowned for creating high-end audiophile cartridges.

Re-introduced into the market in 2010, Kiseki hand craft a range of cartridges for the high-end audiophile.

The literal translation of the Japanese word ‘Kiseki’ is ‘Miracle’ and with its Purpleheart and Blue models, the company embraces the Kiseki philosophy for music replay. Here at Cymbiosis, we stock the Kiseki Blue N.S. (“New Style”) variant with a highly resonant-free aluminium body which is shorter than the Kiseki Blue N.O.S. (“New Old Style”). As such it is easier to install and use in most tonearms.

Kiseki Blue N.S.

The Kiseki Blue N.S. is the first “new style” Kiseki cartridge. The typical, but shorter, Kiseki body is machined out of solid aluminium and the motor is built from best available parts. It also features pure iron coils as well as a solid boron cantilever.

Two years of experimenting, testing all possible choices of materials and techniques, have resulted in a better Kiseki Blue than ever before.

Kiseki Purpleheart N.O.S.

The Kiseki Purpleheart N.O.S. is the second “re-born” incarnation of the original Purpleheart from the 1980s. The body, as it was in the original Purpleheart, is machined out of solid Purpleheart wood.

The motor uses technologies both past and present to create the perfect balance for Kiseki. The new incarnation of the Purpleheart easily surpasses its predecessor and takes the Kiseki Purpleheart cartridge to a new level.