Naim Audio CD Players

World Class sound. Naim Audio, based in Salisbury, England, have been producing the world's finest CD players, amplifiers, loudspeakers, network players and all-in-one systems since 1973.



Naim Audio have been creating world-class CD players for over 20 years

With the creation of the CDS in 1991, Naim demonstrated its capacity to make the finest sounding CD players possible, anywhere in the world. This development programme culminated in the CD555, commonly accepted as one of the greatest CD players ever made. The technology used in the development of the CD555 has filtered down throughout the entire Naim range giving users the ability to upgrade through high quality products to reach the level of performance they expect, at a budget they can afford.

Naim CD555

The Naim CD555 is widely acknowledged as one of the finest CD players ever to have been developed. Sitting in the 500 series Reference range, it is the very pinnacle of engineering and audio replay from Naim. The CD555 was first released in September 2005 at the Hi-Fi and Home Entertainment Show at Heathrow and, after winning awards all over the world, is generally viewed as one of, if not the best CD player of all time. Sleek, simple and stylish the CD555 was an instant classic, finally allowing CD replay to achieve a similar performance level as its analogue counterparts.

The CD555 head unit comes paired with a separate power supply, the CD555PS. This allows for the head unit (the brains) and the power supply (the brawn) to be kept separate via the use of two Burndy cables; one for digital power feeds and one for analogue power feeds, which results in a large reduction in internal interference. The Naim 500 reference system is a showcase of the very best of Hi-Fi in the 21st century and really pushes the boundaries of what is possible from CD replay in the modern age.

Naim CDX2

The Naim CDX2 is Naim’s Classic Series CD player, offering a higher level of performance than the CD5 XS player. Made from a solid machined billet of aluminium, the CDX2 uses this solid casework to help create ultra-low levels of interference allowing for crystal clear and detailed music replay. The CDX2, as with all Naim CD players, uses a “puck” system for securing CDs in the player disc tray. This small magnetic puck locks the CD securely in the player to allow for minimal movement of the disk.

The CDX2 is also a fully upgradable unit. By partnering the CDX2 with either an XPS or 555ps power supply, or via the Naim DAC, it unlocks a new world of audio excellence. The CDX2 is the perfect partner for any Naim system, or a high quality source to be used with other manufacturers’ components.

Naim CD5XS CD Player

The Naim CD5XS has built on the legacy that the world-renowned CD5x enjoyed before it. Almost every element, with the exception of the mains transformer and the disk mechanism, is new or significantly revised.

The CD5XS has the same functionality as the CD5si but with vastly improved sound quality. The CD5XS has the inclusion, for the first time on a Naim CD player, of a transformer-coupled digital output that provides the choice of digital or analogue signal outputs. Therefore the CD5XS can, if you wish, be attached to a Naim DAC or additionally an external power supply such as the Flatcap XS to further improve sound quality. An excellent and flexible CD player.

Naim CD5si

The CD5si is the entry-level CD player in the Naim range, being the perfect partner for the NAIT5i/2 integrated amplifier. Released in September of 2012, the CD5si has taken over the mantle left by the CD5i in producing real audiophile sound quality at a budget Naim price.

Naim have a long history of producing world-quality CD players ever since the introduction of the CDS, the company’s first ever CD player, in 1991. Naim have spent the past 20 years developing CD players and are at the technical forefront of the industry. The CD5si uses all this technology, innovation and learning to create a CD player that stands up alongside the rest of the Naim range.

Featuring a new and improved DAC section, new high-performance CD mechanism and Analogue filter stages, the CD5si brings worthwhile performance benefits but still retains its characteristic  simple functionality and straightforward usability.