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Linn Cirkus Bearing Kit – Used – As New


Ref Linn Cirkus Bearing Kit - Used - As New

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Product Description

Linn Cirkus Bearing Kit – Used

  • Graded by Peter  = As New!
  • Several Available!
  • All bearing housings are partnered with their matching inner platter
  • New springs, large and small bushes, silver washers and new nuts are supplied along with 2.5ml Linn black oil and a set of new Linn arm collar bolts and a new chassis earth wire
  • Not included is the Linn belt
  • The kits are boxed for shipping in the old Karousel boxes
  • 12 Months warranty parts and labour

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Finish


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  • Product Type

    Accessories, Linn LP12 spares, Turntable Upgrade

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