Roksan Amplifiers

Roksan... Discover the Music. Roksan, based in the heart of London, have been creating high quality CD players and amplification for over a quarter of a century.



Roksan are a born and bred British company with a long history of creating high quality amplification.

The K3 and M2 have brought Roksan well and truly into the 21st century. These modern pieces of technology get the most from your CD, Vinyl or Digital source. Roksan have used some of the finest components sourced from around the globe to produce stylish, functional and, most importantly, musically brilliant products. A benchmark for other manufacturers to strive for.

Roksan M2 Integrated Amplifier

The M2 is Roksan’s flagship integrated amplifier. Designed primarily to be used alongside the matching M2 CD player, the M2 Integrated uses thermally-assisted heat sink cooling to keep a stable temperature. Alongside this there are completely re-engineered main internal boards to create a sound that is detailed, engaging and thrilling to the core.

The Roksan M2 Integrated is a real statement of intent from Roksan to be at the top of the audiophile tree.

Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier

The K3 Integrated Amplifier has been built with today’s discerning audiophile in mind. Boasting five Line Level inputs, an exceptional Moving Magnet phono stage and superior aptX® Bluetooth technology, it is an ideal hub for all manner of audio sources.

The aptX technology employed allows for high-quality wireless streaming from compatible devices – including tablets, smartphones and computers. There is power and bass drive in abundance, with superb sound staging and engaging detail thanks to the symmetrical amplifier layout inside.

Under the cover new op-amps, audio and power supply circuits, and high-quality signal output relays are used to make an amplifier that is also truly reliable.