Roksan CD Players

Roksan. Discover the Music. Roksan, based in the heart of London, have been creating high quality CD players and amplification for over a quarter of a century



Roksan are a born and bred British company with a long history of creating engaging and detailed CD players worthy of wearing the British Flag

The K3 and M2 have brought Roksan well and truly into the 21st century. The K3 and M2 CD players allow you to unlock your CD collection and get the most out of your current system. The Roksan range of CD players perfectly match their amplifier range, allowing for a seamless transition between CD and amplification. Roksan’s simple design philosophy means that their products are not overcomplicated but do exactly what is required: play music.

Roksan M2 CD Player

The Caspian M2 is Roksan’s reference CD player. Designed to rival Roksan’s range of turntables, the M2 utilises a one-piece optimised mother board, de-coupled mechanism and dedicated transformer/power supplies for the analogue filters and the outputs.

This gives the M2 its sparkle and allows it to control and energise any genre of music. The M2 has won countless plaudits for its performance and demonstrates that Roksan’s audio pedigree stands tall.

Roksan K3 CD Di CD Player

The CD Di takes the platform of the astounding K3 CD Player in a solution that will not only play an existing CD library to the expected audiophile standard but will also host an array of other digital sources as one audiophile ‘hub’. Featuring both an additional optical and digital input, a variety of digital players and sources can be connected to the K3 CD Di to utilise the excellent DAC and output section for a superior quality performance.

The CD section of the CD Di is based on the established K3 CD (which remains in the range as a stand-alone CD player). Incorporating premium components and first-class circuit design, the K3 CD Di delivers the same almost analogue sound quality as its sister product when playing music from a CD.

The K3 CD Di brings all your digital music into one place, delivering one consistent, highly-regarded sound performance to your hi-fi system. With a variety of input and output options to utilise, it expands the capabilities of K3 further than ever before.