Woodsong Audio

Woodsong Audio, founded by Chris Harban, is located in the mountains of North Idaho, USA. Chris has earned himself a formidable reputation for making the finest LP12 plinths available anywhere!



The Linn Sondek LP12 is arguably one of the very best sounding turntables on the planet, with a Woodsong plinth it will also look the part too.

The benefits of a quality plinth are probably not as great as those from an upgrade such as a better power supply, sub-chassis or tonearm, but the difference is tangible, and very worthwhile.

Chris Harban, Woodsong Audio

Would you like your LP12 to look as good as it sounds? Woodsong Audio and Cymbiosis can help you achieve that dream.

Chris’s abilities in using sustainably-sourced wood to create stunning LP12 plinths are those of a true craftsman; one who has a real passion for, and loves his work. His attention to detail is the driving force behind the success of Woodsong Audio LP12 plinths.

Chris is a specialist in making special, one-of-a-kind turntable plinths from beautiful and exotic woods. Chris’s attention to detail and love of his craft means that each plinth, as well as being totally unique in terms of grain, colour and aesthetic appeal, is also perfectly crafted to fit any Linn Sondek LP12.

The wood used by Chris is sourced from a wide range of sustainable sources across the world, and is chosen for both its sonic and aesthetic qualities. These facts were what originally interested Peter Swain of Cymbiosis and lead him to first contact Chris, with a view to evaluating some plinths, back in 2010. Interestingly as it turns out, Chris was himself on the point of contacting Peter, as he had become aware of Peter’s worldwide reputation as an LP12 specialist with an obvious passion for bringing out every last possible bit of performance from the LP12. So, with a very like-minded approach to their work, there is a high degree of synergy between them and, as the saying goes…. the rest is history.

Today, Cymbiosis are the sole UK importer for Woodsong, with Peter having sold more Woodsong plinths to clients and then rebuilt their LP12s, than any other retailer worldwide.

Woodsong Audio LP12 PLinth

Although the beauty of these plinths is obvious to anyone seeing a photograph, it was very clear to Peter that the best way for prospective clients to appreciate how wonderful they are was to see them in the flesh if possible and in natural sunlight, where the beauty of the wood really shines through. For this reason, there are normally at least twenty Woodsong plinths available for you to see for yourself at Cymbiosis in Leicester. However, if it’s not possible for you to visit in person, we are always happy to take the best photographs we can of the various plinths in stock. Additionally, if none of the Woodsong plinths we carry are suitable for you, we are always happy to do the very best we can in satisfying your requirements by liaising with Chris himself and seeing what’s in production and, if required, commissioning a plinth to your specification.

Given you are reading about Woodsong plinths on this page, it is likely that you are already aware of how wonderful these plinths are, having seen pictures and also owner’s write-ups about their Linn Sondek LP12s on the various forums. You may have also read that many owners prefer the sound of their Woodsong plinths following fitting. This in part will be due to a proper re-build and re-setting up of the LP12, but it is reasonable to say that there are also sonic benefits due to the more precise construction of the Woodsong LP12 plinths.

Woodsong Audio LP12 Plinths

Reference Series

There are two ranges of Woodsong plinth currently available: the Reference Series is described by Chris as his standard finish, including most species of wood. Finish and construction details are to the highest degree of quality.

Some of the more common woods included in the Reference Series are: Bubinga, European Beech, Makore, Marblewood, Movingui, Sapele and Fluted Black Walnut.

These plinths are priced at £799.00 plus fitting in the UK including VAT and all import duties paid.

For more information on LP12 turntable set up please click here.

"The Artist Series represents the highest level of the art of the LP12 plinth"

Woodsong Audio LP12 PLinth

The Artist Series of plinths represent the highest level of the art of the LP12 plinth. These are made from more expensive, very special boards which are more difficult to find and can be very difficult to work with. Additionally, they often require special techniques in the process of construction and finishing. Naturally, using these woods, it often takes considerably more time and energy to create an LP12 plinth. Some of these woods are purchased based on grain pattern. Curly Maple for instance, can be found where the curl, the grain figure, is subtle and discernible, but also can be found in the highest grades of musical instrument wood where the grain is not subtle at all and actually very striking. The cost difference of the raw materials can be significant!

The finish and construction details are to the highest possible quality, as one would expect.

The Artist Series woods include: Ancient Kauri, Bocote, Wenge, Cocobolo, Hawaiian Koa, Jacaranda, instrument grade Curly Maple, Myrtlewood, Satinwood, various Ebonies, Macassar Ebony, and also various Rosewoods such as Santos, or East Indian.

Given there are differing amounts of time and energy required in producing the different wood LP12 plinths in this series, they are generally priced at £999.00 plus fitting for the Artist and £1349.00 plus fitting for the Artist Plus.

Sat at the pinnacle of this range and fully deserving of its title is the Private Reserve, priced at £1549.00 plus fitting. For those who appreciate the finer things in life.

All these are UK prices including VAT and with all import duties paid.

We have a selection of Chris’s plinths available to view in the Harban Gallery.

For more information on LP12 turntable set up please click here.