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Turntable Set-up

For some turntables, they may go 15 or 20 years without ever being looked at or serviced, this can cause a significant loss in musical performance from your beloved turntable. An LP12, like a car or a grand piano needs to be serviced once in a while in order to keep it at its peak performance. Peter Swain has more than 35 years experience setting up and servicing turntables and can help bring your LP12 back to life.

Cymbiosis has been a Linn Products dealer for more than 20 years, giving us a wealth of knowledge and experience.


During that time we have made a specialty of and are most well known for the supply, upgrading, setting-up and repair of the Sondek LP12 turntable. All turntables regardless of their make can benefit greatly by correct set-up and we are always happy to assist if we can.

Peter Swain



It was back in 1977 that Peter Swain, the owner and founder of Cymbiosis first found himself working on and setting up turntables such as Dual, Garrard, JBE, Logic, Systemdek, Thorens, Rega and others while working at a retailer called Listen Inn at that time. Many of the skills learnt in these early days are transferable and consequently, when in the early 1980's a Linn account was acquired, he was able to apply what he'd learnt servicing and repairing other decks to some very useful Linn factory training. With this knowledge, now developed over 30 years or so, Peter has established an enviable reputation for setting up turntables and the LP12 in particular.

Today, this reputation for supplying and setting up the LP12 extends far and wide, and in addition to his regular contributions on the various Hi-Fi forums, he has written the LP12 Set-up guide which is a brief overview. This is an instructional guide and is a sticky thread on the Linn Forum. The LP12 set up guide is primarily written for those users who because of their geography do not have access to a local dealer. Peter has also travelled to many countries and continents in order to satisfy an ever increasing demand from customers, for the best possible set-up and sound from their turntables.

Additionally, Peter has worked in collaboration with several Hi-Fi manufacturers over the years, on a number of projects, offering many suggestions and ideas as well as testing and providing feedback on some of the well regarded products that you may be familiar with. These include Linn's Aro Keel, Ekos Se, Urika, the Solid Baseboard for the LP12, Naim's Airplug loading plugs for the Superline to name but a few. Peter has also had a great influence in the recent Tiger Paw Scale counterweights and new Elevator the lift/lower device for the Naim Aro tonearm, as well as the Rubikon sub-chassis.

There are many myths about the set-up of the LP12 and one of the most persistent being that they can easily go "out of tune". The truth is that a well set-up deck can stay in tune for many years. This is even when it has been transported long distances, so long as care is taken when packing it which we are happy to advise on. In fact, we find that most under-performing decks are simply not correctly set up when they arrive, and with some care, attention to detail and patience, virtually all these ailments can easily be corrected, thus allowing the deck to perform to its full potential.

Our Services


A standard LP12 service at Cymbiosis by Peter costs £75.00 + VAT per hour (up to a maximum of £270.00, but with a typical time of 2 hours) and includes a complete strip down of the deck to just the plinth and top plate, so as to ensure the fit of the top plate to the plinth is good. This is critical to sound quality, and then a careful rebuild.

Included within the service costs are new replacement springs, bushes, nuts and washers. Once the deck is carefully rebuilt, it is then sound tested in one of our demonstration room before being repacked for transportation. LP12 services and upgrades can be carried out on a while you wait basis if you wish, provided you book a mutually convenient time with us in advance please.

LP12 Demo Room

The photo on the left shows the commitment that Cymbiosis has to the demonstration of all the upgrades and servicing possible for the Linn Sondek LP12. This is a typical selection of LP12 turntables that we have available here for demonstration.

This allows us to demonstrate to you the benefits of the various upgrades that are available for the LP12, such as the Keel, Radikal, Urika and Uphorik. You can also audition various power supplies, sub-chassis and arm and cartridge combinations not only from Linn, but also from Naim, Dynavector, Lyra, Hercules, Rubikon and others.

For more information about the set up of your LP12 please contact Peter directly using the contact information at the footer of this page. Alternatively for information about upgrades for the LP12, please view the LP12 section of this website. For more information about Linn LP12 servicing, please contact Peter directly.