Linn Sondek LP12 Baseboards

Linn, Just Listen....Linn, based in Glasgow, Scotland, was founded in 1973 by Ivor Tiefenbrun. They are world leaders in digital streaming products as well as speakers, amplification and, of course, turntables, with the iconic LP12.

Research has shown that a turntable's musical performance can be considerably altered by choosing a proper surface or support structure on which to place it.

There are two different baseboards offered by Linn for the LP12, allowing you to support your LP12 on a variety of hi-fi turntable supports. Linn have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in developing the Linn Trampolin 2 and Solid Baseboard which are described below.

Linn Trampolin 2 Baseboard

Linn Trampolin 2 Baseboard

Made from high quality aluminium, the Trampolin base board is the natural choice for achieving peak performance. It can be fixed directly to the wooden plinth of your turntable.

The Trampolin 2 is manufactured from high quality aluminium. The main body is attached directly to the wooden plinth of the turntable using a total of ten screw fixings so there is virtually no movement between the plinth and base. It is also earthed to the chassis.

Expertly-designed suspended feet provide the Sondek LP12 turntable with additional isolation from vibration, using acoustic dampening material to minimise interference for improved audio performance.The Trampolin features an acoustic dampening material diaphragm between it and its four feet to minimise interference and provide even better audio performance on a wide range of surfaces. The Trampolin 2 can therefore now be soundly recommended for use with the LP12 in pretty much most situations and with most supports

Build up your own custom-spec deck using this base board as a foundation, or upgrade your existing Sondek LP12.

Linn Solid Base Baseboard

Linn Solid Base Baseboard

The Solid Base provides a fixed, rigid platform for your deck. If your turntable is placed on a cabinet or shelf that provides its own isolation from vibrations, then this is the perfect base board for you. Alternatively, the Trampolin base board offers integrated vibration isolation for the LP12.

Manufactured from high quality aluminium and fixed directly to the wooden plinth of the turntable, the Solid Base can be specified on all new Sondek LP12 turntables and can also be used to upgrade your existing Sondek LP12 if it has an older non-aluminium base. There’s also an earth through to the LP12 chassis.

However, in contrast to the Trampolin, the feet attach at the four corners directly into the plinth via a single screw. If you are in doubt as to which baseboard to use with your turntable or Hi-fi stand, we will be happy to offer advice.