Signature Linn Sondek LP12

The Cymbiosis Signature Linn Sondek LP12 represents the pinnacle of LP12 performance in our eyes, combining ultimate performance with stunning looks. Endorsed by Peter himself, the Signature LP12, in our opinion, captures the very best of vinyl.

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Peter Swain has built and serviced a huge number of Linn Sondek LP12s over the past 30 years, with various combinations of power supplies, suspension, arms and cartridges.

From a basic specification Linn Sondek LP12 right up to the very highest. During this time, the sonic performance of the plinth has remained pretty much constant, with the single exception of the addition of enlarged corner blocks during March 1992 at about serial number 88500.

Yes, there was talk among some enthusiasts that the black plinth was actually the best sounding one, but really most people chose the finish of their LP12 on the basis of its looks, there were far more important things to consider that would affect their LP12’s performance. As a consequence, the two most popular Linn Sondek LP12 plinth finishes were the fluted Afromosia and black Ash.

Other finishes, such as Cherry, Maple, Oak, Rosenut, Walnut and even Rosewood have been made available over the years, although sadly the Fluted Afromosia, Maple and Rosewood have been discontinued. Nevertheless, there is still a good range of finishes to choose from today. However, sometimes people would just like something different; something more appropriate to their tastes and to the decor of their homes.

This is where Chris Harban of Woodsong Audio has been able to help as he has earned himself a reputation for making the finest quality turntable plinths available anywhere, in a wide variety of solid wood finishes. In addition, Cymbiosis now stock a selection of LP12 plinths from UK supplier Simplinth. This gives far more choice to the Linn Sondek LP12 owner in order to match their decor, or make a visual statement of their beloved LP12 at the same time as enjoying a sonic upgrade!

Peter Swain Signature LP12 Turntable

The Signature Deck

The idea of having an individually serial numbered and autographed series of ultimate-specification LP12s, fitted with a Woodsong plinth, was originally suggested to Peter by one of his clients while he was building and installing a most beautiful Curly Maple LP12 at the client’s home in Hong Kong back in 2010. This Linn Sondek LP12, sitting at the top of the evolutionary tree and having a unique and beautiful plinth from Woodsong was a rare beast, given how many Linn Sondek LP12s are in existence worldwide. He felt it would be really nice if these decks could be both commemorated and recorded in some way. Peter agreed, and so the Peter Swain Signature LP12 came into being.

So, when Peter fits a Woodsong plinth to an LP12, which also uses a Linn Radikal power supply and has a Linn Keel sub-chassis with either a Linn Ekos or Naim Aro tonearm, he will give it an individual signed number plate. Once completed, the deck is photographed and added to his Signature register, recording the fact that this Linn Sondek LP12 is about as good as it gets. Beautiful on the eye and on the ear!

To date, there are nearly seventy of these full-specification Linn Sondek LP12s worldwide built by Peter using a Woodsong plinth. Most are being played in the United Kingdom but there are also Signature LP12s in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain and the United States, such is their appeal.

All Signature Linn Sondek LP12s are registered at Cymbiosis and all future servicing and upgrades carried out by Peter will be logged on the register for your information. Please feel free to email Peter directly for more details of how to obtain your very own Peter Swain Signature Linn Sondek LP12.