Exposure CD Players

The Exposure range of CD players is big on features and performance, with unmatched levels of sound quality and clarity,

Exposure 3510 CD Player

Exposure 3510 CD Player

The latest and most welcome addition to the renowned Exposure 3510 Series is the 3510 CD Player, which distinguishes itself with the capability to operate not only as a standalone CD player but also as a CD transport when paired with an external DAC, offering versatility to suit various audio setups.

Its top-loading mechanism, complete with a sliding lid and magnetic clamp, evokes the tactile pleasure associated with playing vinyl records, adding a touch of ritual to the digital listening experience.

It features dual mono converter architecture, anchored by the esteemed Burr-Brown 24-bit PCM1704 chip, ensuring impeccable sound reproduction. The audio output circuit is meticulously crafted, featuring a fully discrete design and multiple stages of power stabilization for uncompromised audio purity.

A sizeable toroidal transformer, equipped with separate windings for the CD rotation mechanism and audio circuits, underscores the device’s engineered precision.

It is available in both black and titanium finishes and is available for demonstration here at Cymbiosis.

Exposure XM CD Player

Exposure XM CD Player

Unlike most CD players nowadays Exposure has eschewed slot loading or a flimsy slide-out tray. Instead, it’s a top loader – slide back the panel, place the CD on its hub then place the supplied puck on top before closing and you are ready to go.

Exposure believes this provides a more solid, stable platform for digital replay. Inside, the CD XM is built around a Burr Brown PCM 1716 24-bit DAC with multi-level delta-sigma modulator architecture and 8x oversampling digital filter.

Double-sided printed circuit boards are employed with special attention applied to minimising resonance and the influence of electromagnetic fields – a growing problem with the number of gadgets in households today. There’s also a large toroidal transformer with separate windings for the CD transport mechanism and audio stages.

On demonstration here at Cymbiosis.