International Customers

Information for international customers

At Cymbiosis we have a worldwide reputation for excellence and as such there is an extremely high demand for international Linn LP12 set up and upgrades in your own home. We do a considerable amount of overseas business and therefore this allows Peter to organise multi-client trips to different regions of the globe.


Within Europe

Peter frequently makes direct and customer specific trips to different cities around Europe. In the last two years alone Peter has visited Barcelona, Oslo, Basel, Paris, Chamonix, Geneva Helsinki and many more.

Due to the ease of flying around Europe there is a large amount of flexibility in timings and location so please feel to contact us about potential visits in your region.

Outside of Europe

Most years Peter visits South East Asia and North America visiting multiple clients on each trip and hopping from region to region. In the last two years Peter has also visited Australia, Dubai and Brazil.  For each trip Peter normally arranges to visit several people in a region in order to share the cost of flights amongst everyone.

Generally customers express an interest in upgrading and setting up their Linn Lp12 and as soon as there are a few customers in a region then timings and visits can be organised. Wherever you are in the world he will undoubtedly be flying to somewhere near you soon and so can organise to fly to your city and set up your system within a reasonably short time scale.

Please visit our blog to see examples of Peter’s international visits.

To find out if Peter will be in your region soon, you can email him here.