Dynavector Cartridges

Dynavector, based in Tokyo, was founded in the mid-1970s by Dr. Tominari, a Physics Professor at Tokyo University. His lifelong interest in music, combined with his scientific background, has helped produce some ground breaking products over the past few decades.



For more than 30 years, Dynavector's Moving Coil cartridges have enjoyed worldwide acclaim due to a combination of innovative design, advanced production techniques and an unwavering commitment to the musical source.

Dynavectoer XV-1t moving coil cartridge

Dynavector XV-1t

Building upon the development of the original XV-1s design, first inspection of the new DV XV-1t reveals that it is unmistakably Dynavector. The body beautiful is Urushi lacquered over a precision-machined, heat treated bamboo that has been carefully selected for design, elegance and acoustic performance.

Dynavector’s patented Flux Damping process has been retained together with new ground-breaking innovations that have established the XV-1t as not only the Dynavector flagship, but a reference to which all other cartridges should aspire. Featuring 16 micron coil windings that are wound around a square shaped armature as well as Alnico column magnets, the XV-1t produces musical enjoyment as never before.

Dynavector XV-1s

Dynavector XV-1s

At a glance, the XV-1s is different from all cartridges that have gone before it. Its magnetic circuit comprises 8 small ALNICO magnets and the magnetic path is divided individually into two. In the magnetic gap, a specially designed magnetic flux equalizing piece is placed and on the front yokes are magnetic stabilizing coils. As a result, the magnetic field becomes widely homogeneous and more linear than the conventional magnetic design that is common with other moving coil cartridges.

The XV-1s, featuring a beautiful African Ebony body, which contributes to its wonderfully balanced sound, is a dramatic improvement over the original and now discontinued XV-1 and will enable you to get the very best from your cherished vinyl collection.

Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua

Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua

The name “Te Kaitora Rua” comes from the language of the New Zealand Maori people, Te Kaitora meaning “The Discoverer” and Rua  “the second version”. Like the XV-1s, the Te Kairota Rua uses a pathfinger line contact stylus and a 6mm solid Boron cantilever, allowing for an amazing level of clarity and detail.

The Te Kaitora Rua body is made from Titanium, which gives it exceptional rigidity and strength. The internal coil wire is made from PCOCC Copper wire to give a smoother and more musical performance. All of these features together combine to create a truly stunning cartridge for your turntable.

Dynavector DV XX2/2

Dynavector DV XX2/2

The XX2/2 features the Alinco-5 magnet and has similar construction to the Te Kaitora Rua. Also featuring the solid boron cantilever and path finder line contact stylus, the XX2/2 uses a machined 7075 aluminium body giving it immense structural rigidity whilst keeping its weight to a modest 8.9g.

The XX2 is one of the most popular cartridges here at Cymbiosis because of the superb performance it delivers in relation to its price tag.

Dynavector DV 20X2

Dynavector DV 20X2 H/L

There are two different variants of the Dynavector DV20x2; a high output version which delivers a substantial 2.8 mV, making it suitable for moving magnet inputs, and a low output, 0.3 mV, version more suited to conventional moving coil inputs.

Featuring a solid aluminium body and rigid magnet construction similar to the XX2/2 and a 6mm hollow aluminium cantilever with a micro-ridge stylus, the DV20X2 is a very versatile cartridge capable of achieving excellent results in a wide variety of systems.

Dynavector DV 10X5 MK II

Dynavector DV 10X5 MK II

The DV10x5 MKII is the entry level cartridge from Dynvector and is widely accepted to be the benchmark for modestly priced, high output, moving coil cartridges. The Dynavector DV 10×5 MKII uses a rigid aluminium head block to provide an unusually secure fixing to the tonearm for a cartridge at this price.

The Dynavector 10X5 MKII also features an improved stylus assembly with the nude diamond “Shibata III” line contact stylus and improved hardened cantilever material. These improvements ensure secure tracking ability over even the most torturous of record grooves whilst achieving extended high frequency response and enhanced musical resolution.