At Cymbiosis we recognise the value of customer reviews and testimonials. Why? Because reviews are candid. They’re not published by us or the companies whose products we offer; they’re not fluffed up with marketing lingo and jargon and most importantly, they’re the words of people just like you. We hope the testimonials you read here will give you a feel for what we are like and how we look after our customers.

  • Mark Bailey says...

    After a telephone consultation, I took my humble Sansui SR212 turntable to have a new cartridge fitted (Audio Technica VM520eb) at Cymbiosis's headquarters in Rearsby. When the first thing I saw when I walked through the door was an enormous stack of Linn Sondek boxes and Naim amplifiers I initially thought 'oh, dear, this is not going to go well.' However, rather than the somewhat contemptuous hi-fi snob treatment I was expecting, the lovely people at Cymbiosis couldn't have been more courteous, helpful and enthusiastic. Not only did they fit the cartridge for me, they gave the deck a thorough, and much-needed, set-up and testing to make sure it was absolutely ready to go with the new cartridge fitted. And after all that, they only charged me for the cartridge itself! I can't recommend Cymbiosis highly enough, and should I ever be in the fortunate position to invest in some genuine high-end audio equipment then I can state with assurance that they'll be my first port of call.

  • Steve O says...

    Hi Peter
    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you once again for building my recent LP12, it was a pleasure dealing with you and the team It has been on daily at every opportunity since I picked it up from you last Friday and sounds absolutely amazing in its new home.
    Thank you once again

  • Des D says...

    Further to a demonstration of a Naim ND5 XS2 at Cymbiosis I decided to take the plunge and get into the world of streaming. As an IT novice I was concerned about setting the system up and what I would do if I ran into any problems. Thankfully, part of the excellent service from Cymbiosis - specifically Phil, meant I didn’t have to worry. Software configuration and installation of the streamer along with an NAS device was taken care of. Having run into a few glitches (caused by me) since the purchase, Phil has always been very happy to talk me through them and on the last occasion, connected remotely to my system and resolved the issue.

    I wouldn’t consider buying HiFi equipment anywhere else and cannot recommend Cymbiosis enough. Nothing is too much trouble and everyone I have spoken to has been very welcoming and helpful; it’s rare to find such high quality service.

    Thank you!

  • Amtony Davis says...

    Chord GroundARAY

    I was at @Cymbiosis recently for the demo of the Solstice hosted by Jason, during the day of moving in and out of the demo room the team mentioned the new Chord GroundARAY to me. On Monday spent the day with Peter looking at New Sub Chassis for my LP12 and on reference Stiletto deck (Ekos SE, Krystal) was a Radikal vs Radikal – at the end of that it was then when we added – took away – added etc the 5 Pin to the demo room system 252/SCDR/ 3 x 250DR active with Kudo T808 with KS-1 cable, I posted a quick review of the Din into 252 then and because of that experience home demo now for the RJ 45 and 5 Pin Din
    Been a NAIM owner for 20+ years – love my system and it’s nearly finished, yes, I know those famous words – No more upgrades!
    My system is 252/SC/300DR/Kudos T505/KS- 1 cable/Full Fraim – power leads Titan Electria into NDX, Poweline into SC and into Titan Eros 300SR – all other cables are NAIM lavender
    To sources LP12 (Kilmax) and NDX (2014) – play the NDX around 5% off the time hence no NDX2 at the moment
    Digital is QNAP TS 251+ Chord C-Stream into Cisco 2980G – classic Map router-Switch-NAS-NDX because my Incoming feed is at the front of house and Man cave a rear have cooper cable through garage roof into music room – then C-Steam into NDX which gives me 100Mbs at NDX
    store files in FLAC and NDX converts to WAV on the fly – I use Asset for UpNP and NAIM app
    I chose the below tracks to start with, know the music well
    1. Antonio Forcione Tears of Joy Landmark 16/44
    2. Chris Jones Roadhouses & Automobiles No Sanctuary Here 24/44
    3. The Eagles Hotel California Hotel California 24/192
    4. Alan Parsons Project Turn of a Friendly Card May be a price to Pay DSD
    5. ABC The Lexicon of Love The Look of Love 24/192
    6. Mark Knopfler Sailing to Philadelphia 24/48
    7. Toro iV Africa 24/192
    8. Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon ( 1983 Japan Pressing Flat Transfer) 16/44
    9. Paul Simon Graceland Under African Skies 24/96
    10. Ella and Louis Ella & Louis Again Making Woopie 24/192
    11. Simon & Garfunkel Bridge over The only living Boy In New York 24/192
    12. Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life I wish 14/192
    13. Tears for Fears The Hurting Pale Shelter 24/96
    14. The Beatles Abbey Road Golden Slumbers / Carry that Weight 24/96
    15. Yes, Close to the Edge You & I 24/192
    Played the tracks with out the Chord Array RJ45 in the Cisco to commence with and then following
    First off with out the RJ45 fitted the music was detailed. Rich and focused as I would have expected I have not changed anything in my system since the Kudos T505 came in earlier this year
    So, when the added the RJ45 what happened well to this boy ears the vocals had a richer more natural feel, mid range again had more focus, took it out played again but it back same feeling#
    In summary the RJ45 is a yes, as a footnote it also added more to, I radio stations – across my favourites Virgin Anthems – Radio Paradise, Caroline
    So, after all that added the 5 Pin to my 252, I used the spare Tuner (PN it does need to be mapped)
    And again, working as a pair the RJ45 & 5 Pin Din with NDX raised the music detail even further same tracks more focus, so it’s a BIG tick on NDX
    Now when I played my LP12 using the 5 Pin din the musical uplift in detail focus and poise was a joy
    Albums were
    • The Blue Nile – High
    • Elbow Seldom Seen Kid with BBC Concert Orchestra
    • Tori Amos Native Invader
    • The Eagles Hell Freezes Over

    In summary to this member ears they work, that being said I think they are best parried, so for me I have the best combo 5 Pin DIN and RJ45 – if I was having to chose only 1 it would be 5 Pin
    It just proves home demo is worth its weight just to make sure what you think you heard at your dealers does the same on your own system

  • Brian, Surrey says...

    Dear Peter

    A huge thank you for the exceptional service I experienced on Friday.

    My LP12 has been transformed, the result of your kind work has produced a sound I never thought was possible, that is incredible.

    Now I appreciate why you and your team are held in such high regard.

    I also had fun during my visit! Stellar star service. Thank you.

  • JR, Oxon says...

    I want to send this personal message of thanks to you for the LP12 journey you've taken me on since the first day I stepped into Cymbiosis.
    The unbiased advice you've given and recommendations on improvements to the deck you originally built for me have been first class.
    To say I've been delighted with the results of each upgrade you've performed would be an understatement, particularly with the most recent move from the L4 to Radikal, simply jaw-dropping!
    For me, a relationship with a Dealer is akin to the one I have with my GP. I may not need to call on either of them often but when that time comes I'd trust my GP to look after my personal wellbeing and Cymbiosis my LP12.
    I'm looking forward to many, many years of happy listening, content in the knowledge you're keeping my LP12 performing at it's absolute best.

  • John Plackett says...

    Hi There just a note to say a big thank you to Peter for getting my 35 Year old LP 12 up and running again. The new Dynavector DV20x2 that was fitted at the same time sounds pretty amazing from the off even before the usual bedding in period. Hopefully the old girl will have plenty more years left in her now !!!
    Once again a great thank you to all of you at Cymbiosis.

  • it was a pleasure dealing with you
  • Chris Mead says...

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Peter for the previously enjoyed LP12 he built for me. It has made my system come to life, the music is so engaging and emotional just as the musicians intended it to be...brilliant!

    For those of you looking for a used LP12 just get in touch with Peter. You won't regret it!

  • Deanne Bell says...

    The gorgeous Audio Technica AT-OC9XSL cartridge!

    After about 200 hours the AT-OC9XSL cartridge disappears. What flows is the soul of the music.

    Thank you Peter for steering me in the direction of what you promised would be ‘fantastic’ and ‘brilliant’. And thanks for the usual flawless installation.

  • Deanne Bell says...

    I never thought I’d be able to afford a Linn LP 12 until I met Peter Swain. And its not simply that he knows how to combine new and used parts within budget. Its how Peter sets up the LP12 that releases the magic. The fidelity to the music comes from the relationship of the components and no one understands their synergy like Peter.
    Plus, visiting Cymbiosis to drop off or pick up professionally cleaned LPs is like opening an encyclopedia. Talking with Wayne and Phil about vinyl, CD’s (I know) and streaming is nothing short of a lesson in the history of recorded music.
    Thank you Peter, Wayne and Phil for making the experience of vinyl so astoundingly good.

  • John Callis says...

    The majority of my ‘kit’ is preloved; mostly purchased from Cymbiosis: the service is excellent & home trials are not a problem, even if you don’t end up purchasing (which is rare), never had bad advice, in fact just had titan power cables recommended to me: took two home - immediately ‘blown away’ - it’s like spending a fortune on upgrading a major component: purchased them; couldn’t ‘go without’ after hearing the difference. So again: valuable advice- can’t recommend the guys at Cymbiosis enough! Excellent!

  • Antony Davis says...

    I have been a customer of Cymbiosis since 2003, over that period of time - superb advice on both my Linn and Naim systems, I have to say my last experience of Peter's work on my LP12 has even passed my high expectations

    Orginally purchased my deck in 2003, its had a service (2003) and major upgrade in (2018) - my latest thoughts of upgrades was to look at an arm for the deck and either pre fix or Radikal

    Peter fitted the supern Linn Ekos SE arm at the same time as a used and serviced Naim Pre fix -as ever Peter made sure the arm was perfect with the attention to detail you find of a medical surgen, the pre fix was a little easier to fit, but the same care was given before a demo of the deck to ensure everthing was correct
    The finished deck is stunning, sound stadge and musicality is beyond what I had hoped,
    thats what we want more music and i have it in spades

  • Stewrt Cater says...

    Hi Peter/Phil

    I really wanted to thank you both for all of your help in my recent purchases. I’m by no means an expert in audio equivalent, so really appreciated all the straightforward help, guidance and support when it came to navigating the mine field of options when it came to upgrading my amplifier and specifying an LP12. You were all so very patient and helpful, taking the time to get us the best option based on our requirements - delighted to say we absolutely love our choices! The combination absolutely flies and is getting better every day.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone. Great service and advice throughout the process!
    Much appreciated ?

  • Ken Hudson says...

    A most relaxing and easy way to get the right Hi Fi for me. I wanted to hear a pair of Spendor A1 speakers. I spoke to Wayne and he arranged to get a pair in for me to audition, as it wasn't a speaker they had in on demo. Once they had the speakers "run in" I could go and listen.
    I spent a couple of hours listening with Rega and Naim amps plus Rega P3 and P6 decks. Wayne offering valuable advice and no pressure on me to purchase. I then arranged a second visit with my son and we were left to listen to my preferred system. Still no hard or even soft sell.
    I made my decision in my own time and bought the P6, Elex-r, Spendor A1s and Rega MC phono. I went and collected the kit and Wayne set up the turntable perfectly as I looked on. All my questions were answered to my satsisfaction.
    To sum up: fantastic service, advice and deal! if you are looking for a personal, knowlegeable, "can do", umpresurised service and great deals go to experts at Cymbiosis!
    PS: the combination sounds awesome at home!

  • Exceptional service
  • David Panter says...

    I found Cymbiosis when it was located in Leicester and had such a pleasant experience with Phil who helped me choose a DS and speakers - I could only afford what I consider to be entry level in terms of true hifi at that time (Majik DS). I arrived at the shop with a pre-conceived idea of what I would walk away with... which ultimately was dispelled in a good way by Phil's open-minded approach and 'nothing was too much trouble, try this' approach. This coupled with his expert advice on how to set up a DS (including network stuff) subsequently gave me countless hours of pleasure. I think it is so important to listen and make your own choice about what sound suits you best but, during that process; to get helpful guidance and expert advice. That's just what Phil facilitated - without promoting any particular solution (sorry about that horrid word 'facilitated' but it describes what happened!). Years later, I managed to find the cash to upgrade and was ready for a step improvement in my system. I visited Cymbiosis at its new location near Rearsby, Leicestershire, and, to cut a long story short, bought an Akurate DS/2 (again with help from Phil) plus a bespoke LP12 built by Peter - what an expert he is. I felt a quite humbled that such an expert would spend so much time with me and make sure I got the right specification for my particular taste and listening material. Peter is so enthusiastic and genuinely loves building, and advising on, LP12s - I wasn't disappointed. As I write, I am about to visit Cymbiosis again to see how I can start another journey to get my amps, amp power supply and speakers up to a standard to do justice to the (in my book) high standard of the sources (Akurate DS/2 and LP12). The thing is, I know I will end up with something special and I also know the process will be enjoyable. Compare that level of pleasure and end result with a risky alternative quest for instant gratification via cut price products on the web!!! No contest - you have to listen, take your time and enjoy the process with expert advice from people who know what they are talking about and have a passion for making sure you are happy with the end result..

  • PD, Scotland says...

    Hi Phil

    What a great visit. The new boxes sound great already and you gave a lot of extra value with your updates, tweaks, cables and dressing, much appreciated.

  • PS, Stockport says...

    Hi Peter,

    Many thanks for your time and effort today. I got the player home in one piece and it is sounding bloody marvellous....better than I have ever heard it.

    First impressions of the Cirkus is that it's a no brainer upgrade.

    Looking forward to spinning many more discs and probably buying some new ones to.

  • Greg Wood says...

    Hi to everyone at Cymbiosis, just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new system. After an initial enquiry, Wayne enabled me to listen to not only what I was especially interested in, but also how it compared to my existing system in the listening room. After taking various bits of kit home for comparison, Wayne delivered and installed everything. I was then able to compare speaker cables and interconnects for optimum sound. Wayne also managed to source me speaker covers not supplied with my ne w speakers.
    All of this when feeling under no pressure to decide or buy. First class service and support. If you take your music seriously then this is the place to come, there is something for all tastes.

  • John says...

    10 days ago I had a Tranquility and sKale (Ittok) transformation fitted to my 35 year old LP12 expertly executed by Peter at Cymbiosis. It now sits on a perfectly placed VulKan with stunning results.
    All I can say is "I don't know how your stuff does what it does but it's a complete revelation".
    The sound stage, bass response and stereo separation are improved beyond my wildest expectations. Well done for engineering excellence which clearly does what it says on the tin (at the very least)
    It amazes me that spinning a piece of vinyl at 33.33 rpm is capable of such glorious results and delivering such enjoyment.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Malcolm Flanagan says...

    I contacted Cymbiosis with some issues that I have had in Australia getting my LP12 set up. To my amazement, I was contacted by Wayne within 12 hours and Peter within 24 hours (who was in Singapore at the time).

    Peter opened a very valuable conversation with me and offered me solutions to my issues (including a potential visit to Australia) - I can not speak highly enough of Peter’s advice, patience and guidance, even though, he has not done any work for me as yet.

    Can’t wait to get him down to Oz!

  • RW says...

    Hi Peter (and Phil)

    Thanks for a great visit yesterday. I love my trips over and there's always a great welcome.

    Love this upgrade. I was literally glued to my seat for hours last night as old trusted favourite songs revealed new depths. Cant describe the "it" but it all sounded so sorted and immense..rock solid.

    Until next time ...

  • bloody marvellous!
  • Ted Barr says...

    I can think of only one term that describes my experience with Cymbiosis Complete Contentment
    In 1965 at the age of six I heard my first real hi fi I have been smitten since.
    For the last 20 plus years I have been suffering from chronic audiophilia ,the condition when the music becomes secondary and one is only listening to components in a rack.
    Peter Wayne and Phil have with their patience and professionalism cured me of this condition thanks to what they've helped me select,for the first time in many years I'm listening and enjoying music again.
    I cannot recommend them highly enough. All that is said and written about Peter and the Linn Sondek is true,he is an artist.
    I can think of only two other businesses that ,I can unconditionally recommend,one makes my longbows,the other my suits,there's clearly now a third Cymbiosis,it you want to enjoy your records and all stored music you must visit them,

  • Jonathan B. says...

    Dear Peter, Phil & Wayne

    Following my trip to Cymbiosis last week, I just wanted to write to express huge thanks to all of you for making me feel so welcome, and especially to Peter for the astonishing piece of work he undertook on my Sondek.

    What a revelation!! I work in images not words, so I find it hard to describe the paradigm shift in sound quality the tuning work Peter performed on my deck has brought about. The improvements in soundstage, depth, timbre, timing and sheer quality of 'musicality' are beyond belief.

    Thank you again for making a truly wonderful silk purse out of the sow's ear I presented you with. Everything I read about you has been vindicated and in spades.

  • Mike T. says...

    I recently bought a pre-owned Linn Majik DSi from Phil over the telephone. It was my first venture into networking and I live 200 miles away from Cymbiosis. With only average IT and networking skills, I had some reservations about the set up although I need not have worried as Phil spent a lot of time to take me through every aspect of the installation, and made it clear that he was only a phone call away at any time. Even a month or so since the purchase, I’ve just spent some more time on the phone to iron out a few minor issues with the set-up, which Phil most ably helped me resolve. The quality of service, expertise and after care is second to none. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Jack F says...

    Just to let you know that my system is up and working ——and it is sensational !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have spent the day listening to my records , I think I’ve now effectively got a new collection , I’m hearing stuff I’ve never heard before .
    I recognise that I’m still running in the cartridge but jeepers !
    I have just listened to Mahler 2 and its the first time I’ve wept since I heard it live at the Albert Hall in 1992.
    So many thanks , your skill, care and patience has paid off to my benefit . The forums are right you are bloody good at LP12’s
    I hope you have a good trip to the Far East
    Many thanks once again

  • So after double checking everything with all the equipment here the problem was diagnosed pretty quickly.
    So it was just to have a full reset up with the SE 1 and a new Krystal and all is cooking now.
    We've examined the Krystal here with a magnifier and Jeweller's loupe and there is no sign of any external damage and even the internal wiring of the cart to the tag pins are complete.
    I think a micro investigation is probably in order now.
    What can I say but a biggest possible thank you to Peter " and the boys at the shop " for all the dedicated unflinching support and sheer professionalism in sorting this problem.
    So out of the window goes my possible doubts about the distance issue as not only was my service on purchasing new equipment made very convenient for me but when there was a problem there was no delay regardless of distance I can't imagine any dealer having that kind of dedication for excellence and also the level of stock to be able to minimise the time lost of musical enjoyment.
    There can only be one Peter Swain and one Cymbiosis.

  • Clive, Solihull says...

    I think all my upgrades are run-in now. The deck sounds fabulous. And it brings out all the good points in my other equipment, with music gushing out of my speakers like never before.

    My Radikal/Krystal upgrade was the initial logical way to go and was a big improvement but the Keel, Ekos SE and Trampolin 2 combination is an extremely noticeable (to my ears) further improvement. My deck now produces a lovely full, powerful and engaging sound, with detail, slam and subtlety when appropriate. I'm so pleased with everything and play it lots more than before.

    But I know these fine products don't automatically produce what I've got without the expertise, care, patience and attention to detail installing them. Thank you so much for doing that, visiting my home to do it and arranging trade-ins, all of which lesser retailers would not be prepared to do.

  • From Linn Forum

    So in conclusion a Chris Harban Wenge plinth is the cheapest LP12 audio upgrade you can make for a BIG improvement in every sonic area. And it looks beyond beautiful. Well done Chris and Peter for a wonderful plinth.

  • What a revelation!!
  • The final step came when Peter Swain of Cymbiosis visited, bringing with him a selection of Chris Harban's beautiful hardwood LP12 plinths.

  • From Linn Forum

    I've been incubating this post for almost 2 months, trying to come up with the most effective, most encouraging way of expressing my recommendation and without offending anyone as I don't want to, as Shakespeare said in Julius Caesar, "Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war", or was it Christopher Plumber in Star Trek IV, anyway, here goes.

    Get your LP12 completely rebuilt by Peter of Cymbiosis, regardless, and I do mean regardless, of whoever has touched it before.

    If Peter doesn't massively improve the structural integrity of your LP12 and thus its performance, you can always go back to whoever was servicing your LP12 before hand.

  • I have had the most thrilling, interesting and revealing day of my life in hi-fi. I have had the unbelievable honour of having Peter Swain up in Bonnie Scotland for most of the weekend.

    This man is genius he completely rebuilt my LP12 from scratch even throwing every screw nut and bolt from my deck in the bin Peter is an absolute professional "I thought I was fussy" he is cool, unflappable, informative and very educational.

    To say he upgraded my deck is a huge understatement he also turned all my albums into masters as if by magic.

  • From Naim Forum

    I am sure I will add more in due course, but I cannot today end without saying what a great day out JN and I had in Leicester, and to give a heartfelt 'thank you' to Peter Cymbiosis for the tremendous care and attention to detail he spent on my LP12 today - it really has been fettled like it has never been fettled before! Stripped down to the last bolt and completely rebuilt.

  • From Linn Forum

    Those of you who have dealt with Peter before might not be surprised at what followed – a thorough and very detailed explanation of the installation and setup process with hints for each step along the way and a genuine care that both TT and arm would be performing at their absolute best. Not the “mail order” I’m used to, I can tell you! Without me pressurising, he also managed to rush it out for shipment, which meant I got it next day, ready for a weekend of music - smashing

  • From Linn Forum

    Firstly thanks for Peter for taking almost a full day to take me through almost a complete upgrade path for my LP12 after which I thought I'd share a couple of my observations to see if they're consistent with general opinion.

  • Martin says...

    Just finished listening for the evening. Utterley awesome and the best sounds I've ever heard in mine or anyone else's house I've been in. There is such a sense of rightness about the music it is quite erie. Goes down lower, sounds oh so sweet and it's like another set of more competent musicians is playing on the albums.

  • The quality of service, expertise and after care is second to none
  • Michael L says...

    Hi guys

    Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for your excellent hospitality and service at my demonstration last week.

    Phil gave some great advice after carefully listening to what I was trying to achieve. Well done on surviving the noisy selection of music I brought with me! I was really over the moon with the options of system setups we had at the end of the demonstration, and I’m very much looking forward to making my first Hi-Fi purchase from you chaps.

  • N. L. says...

    Hi Wayne, The LP12 is mind-blowingly good! I’ve been listening to loads of my old vinyl and discovering new sounds in them which is a real treat. Tell Peter he really can build a turntable!

  • Nicholas says...

    Hi Peter, I just want to say thank you for a great afternoon listening to the Neat Motive 2 speakers, now I know why you and Cymbiosis have such an excellent reputation. I was made to feel welcome as soon as I walked through the door, and everything was set up and explained to me perfectly by both Wayne and yourself. It was good to be largely left on my own, though I was grateful for some advice when I asked.

    Thanks again for a very enjoyable afternoon.

  • P. K. says...

    Just wanted to say that the Sondek is sounding great, the service you gave it has made a remarkable difference.

    Now that it is partnered up with the Kairn again after a 2 or 3 year gap it is nothing short of fabulous, I can't believe I thought it was OK before.

    Thanks a lot Pete, everything's great.

  • Phil C says...

    Many thanks for the install last week, I don’t know why I waited so long. I have been terrifically impressed with the whole musical experience and rediscovering some old favourites. Thanks for time and patience.

  • Ray Davis says...

    I cannot thank Peter, Wayne , Phil and Tom enough for all their help. You will never get a better advice or service any where else. You will not be sold what you do not need. My LP12 was totally rebuilt taking Peter over 4 hours. Attention and detail was everything, having all explained to me as he worked. 4 days later I am listening to music as i have never heard it before.

  • S. H. says...

    I would like to thank you again for the fantastic job you did on the LP12 (both in terms of fitting the new walnut plinth & rebuilding/servicing the deck) and reinstalling the system. I have to say that the upgrades I made have improved the sound of the system way beyond my expectations. Whilst it is hard to say which has had the greatest effect, I'm not too fussed to be honest. All I know is that the system sounds 'right' and I am enjoying my records even more than before.

  • it is sensational !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rodger says...

    Thank you for coming down to Didcot on Friday and spending so much time getting my system up to scratch. It really sounds superb now; the best it has ever been. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service. You certainly go that extra mile (around 90 in my case!) and your attention to detail and care you take is first class.

  • Steve Marshall says...

    Many thanks for the rebuild of my linn sondek in late August .

    It's really great to be able to listen to so many options and compare . This is sadly lacking in many Hi Fi Establishments especially in the South East where i live.Peter was so enthusiastic to help and sort any problems i could throw at him.

    All the best for new studios which i hope to visit early next year.

  • From Linn Forum

    Peter at Cymbiosis in Leicester is a wizard with the LP12 (as many know.)- and he doesn't mind you watching over his shoulder while he casts his spells. It's an education, I can tell you!There might be others in a 200-mile radius, but I travelled to Leicester and will do so again if/when necessary.(Found via Linn's dealer list. But beware: not everyone on that list is up to Peter's standard. Check this forum before you book yours!)

  • From Naim Forum

    Forum members may have noticed that it was conspicuously quiet from the good Dr over the weekend. The reason being he was up north of the border to do a bit of fettling to my active system and got more than he bargained for both with the weather and my system. He turned up on Friday lunchtime in the middle of a snow shower and was not due to depart until Sunday evening. In that time two LP12's were fully rebuilt and my system was stripped n rebuilt (neatly this time) as well as my DBL's rebuilt with the correct bass units on the right speakers.

  • From Naim Forum

    Of course Peter's now legendary immaculate cable dressing and painstaking set-up helped a great deal.

    Many thanks to Peter and to Naim again for making a very nice difference to my musical life.

  • From Naim Forum

    I preface this by saying that, in what follows, Peter Cymbiosis did not sell me ANYTHING...

    Yesterday, the doctor made some home visits in the Eastern Counties. I was third on the list, arriving at about 5.30pm, and spending about 4 hours doing arm surgery.

  • From Linn Forum

    Probably all of us here could assemble an LP12 from a box of parts, IF, we had to on a desert island, but none of them would even come close to one of Peter's efforts.

  • Didn\'t We Have A Lovely Time
  • From Naim Forum

    A14 Brampton Hut Services. Two dodgy looking geysers swapping gear from one car boot to another at 10.30pm. Just another day in the life of Doctor Peter Swain of 'Cymbiosis' - friend to the audiophile. The ever helpful Peter had gone out of his way to save me the drive to his Leicester shop...Thanks again Peter for a superb job, and your great service. And thanks too to Naim for getting the last batch of Aros assembled and dispatched.

  • The Kleos is sounding even better after one week. Having seen the care with which my LP12 was rebuilt and some of the tweaks/modifications made in the process, I have no doubt that all this work has contributed to the fine result.

    The sonic character of the Kleos in my system at home was immediately recognisable from the dem, so the time and effort in setting up a comparable system at Cymbiosis was well worthwhile.
    We had more than enough time for me to be completely satisfied that I had made the correct choice, and to have every confidence that my LP12 was leaving Leicester in A1 condition.

    It would have been impossible to make this kind of informed decision without the facilities offered by Cymbiosis.

  • From Linn Forum

    Peter is at the top of the game when it comes to Naim gear. Hence the name Cymbiosis. Two product lines that live happily side by loads of other stuff too. Peter only stocks gear he believes in, so whatever you buy there, you can rest assured it does what it says on the tin.

  • From Linn Forum

    Getting back to topic for a mo I must just announce that I took advice from the folk here and bought an LP12 from Cymbiosis (Peter) who sorted me out and boy has he! The improvement when I plugged in last evening was awesome and I cannot recommend him more highly.

  • Mark says...

    Hi Peter,

    Home now, with LP12 up and running. Wow! What a significant difference you've made. Sounded good in the shop, but until you hear things back at home, you never really know how well the improvement will transfer to your own system - I needn't have worried, not only does itlook like a brand new turntable, more importantly, the sound is also in a completely new league!

    So thanks very much indeed for working your magic - a radikal maybe one day, but for now I'm one very happy chappie!

  • Karl I says...

    A big thanks for yesterday Peter what you did is well above in the line of duty. It makes such a difference to know someone who really cares and knows their onions have set up what is a major investment and the focus of a large part of my free time. The system sounds fantastic.

  • John Firth says...

    Hi Peter,

    I am just writing to say thank you for fettling my LP12 yesterday. The walnut plinth looks stunning but the sound is incredible. I am really grateful for all the time and trouble you took to get everything just right, it is like listening to a different turntable. I am so pleased, to me it sounds unbeatable and I will really enjoy playing music on it.

    Thanks once again, John

  • Peter at Cymbiosis in Leicester is a wizard with the LP12 (as many know.)- and he doesn't mind you watching over his shoulder while he casts his spells
  • Joe S says...

    The system continues to sound fabulous by the way. Thanks so much as I know that there is no way that I could make it sound anywhere as good on my own. A pair of experienced ears and hands makes all the difference.

  • Jeff S says...

    Just to let you know, the arm was set up today- its in beautiful condition and sounds marvelous! The presentation is startlingly different than the RB 300 and is a vast improvement.

    I greatly appreciate your swift assistance and I will let you know should I need anything further- its unusual here to find a dealer who is so helpful and reliable.

  • James Robertson says...

    Sometimes magic happens.

    I was expecting something special when Peter came to my place in France to rebuild my 30-year old Linn LP12. I got more than special. I spent an entertaining few hours watching my old girl being taken apart and carefully rebuilt, with Peter using his staggering knowledge and expertise - and patience - to answer my questions and explain exactly what he was doing and why. The conversation alone was worth the fee.

    The deck now plays my collection ranging from opera to rock in a way that I did not think possible. Guests in my apartment love it too. The trouble that Peter went to before his arrival and his attention to detail (including his precise stacking of the firewood stored under the deck) was gratifying and wonderful to watch.

    Thank you for the magic.

  • J. G. says...

    Dear Peter, I thought I would just drop a quick email to thank you for the excellent service from yourself and Pete T. and PJ, who has just been round to sort out a minor problem with the system I purchased from you.

    I have had a lot of work done to my house and have had a lot of people coming round doing jobs, but out of all of them I can honestly say that only your crew has performed with efficiency and friendliness beyond my humble expectations. I am especially impressed as I am one of your less profitable customers compared to your big installations.

    I will continue to badger the wife into further upgrades and if she ever lets me have any more I will be in your shop straight away!

  • J. E. says...

    Peter, just quick note to thank you for your persistence, determination and professionalism in sorting my system out for me. I did some listening late last night and it sounds fabulous, many times better than it did. So my thanks and appreciation for has been fantastic customer service an all too rare occurrence these days.

  • Ian D says...

    Phil gave me an excellent demo on Saturday. He was very generous with his time and gave me lots of good advice on how I can get the audio experience I am after.

    Phil is continuing to help me as I attempt to get the system set up and we've been emailing each other all week. He has also offered me remote IT support and even to build my NAS!

    All in all my experience was excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending both Linn and Cymbiosis. I do a lot of work with premium British brands who will often admit that their retail experience falls short of expectations, so it's great to see Cymbiosis getting it just right!

  • Graham Hubbard says...

    Many thanks to Peter for a fascinating and educational afternoon 22/04/15.A complete strip down and service on my recently acquired Linn LP 12.Certainly knows them inside out it was a true revelation on setting up.A new cartridge as well and it sounds good and that's before the cartridge has bedded in.Again thank you very much for great service and for being so welcoming,would have no hesitation in recommending for any help.

  • Of course Peter's now legendary immaculate cable dressing and painstaking set-up helped a great deal.
  • Fraser Simpson says...

    Many testimonials have been submitted about Peter Swain and I have to agree with all that I have read. I had a Linn Axis which gave up the ghost a couple of months ago and a colleague at work suggested I try Cymbiosis [and particularly Peter Swain] if I was in the market for a replacement. Even when buying my Axis, my ultimate turntable was an Linn Sondek LP12 but then as now, I feared it was beyond my budget. Assured I could purchase one at an affordable price, Peter then set to work, quoting me alternatives to ensure I got the best value for money.

    I then arranged to visit their site to collect my turntable to find he was still building it up, yet within a couple of hours, he had it up and running. Giving it a test run on some of his hi-fi I wondered if my own hi-fi would be up to the job. WOW! It most certainly was! Ran through a MF B200 amp and a pair of EPOS ES11's it quite simply sang to me. Listening to The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd I heard a third dimension to the music. Not only did it offer an unprecedented soundstage and a degree of depth I never thought possible, the third degree was produced floor-up, quite literally as if there were downstairs neighbours playing the same album [loud] and the music coming through the floor. I cannot recommend Peter and his team more highly than, if you're looking for a turntable [or hi-fi in general] then you have come to the right place. Thank you Peter, you saved my life.

  • David Wilson says...

    My first experience of Cymbiosis was an extremely positive one: visiting Leicester (where, though a north easterner, I have family roots) I popped into the shop, green as anything, and asked about network audio. Although he knew I lived far too far away to justify a sale, Phil gave me a full half hour of his valuable time during which he taught me not just the basics but all I really need to know about what, as an anologue buff, I previously hadn't a clue about.

    Although geographical logistics meant that I was to go on to give my local Linn dealer the benefit of Phil's sterling advice, I never forgot that special level of expert service, so much so that when I came to need a phono stage it was Cymbiosis to whom I was determined to give my business - not that having the subsequent advice of Peter Swain was ever going to hold me back in that respect! Leicester, you hold a very special place in this Mackem's heart, not just because your air was the first that my dear late Mam ever breathed, but because you also house the best hifi shop in the land where expertise, professionalism and approachabilty are second nature. I wish I lived nearer!

  • David Jamieson says...

    After a couple of frustrating years trying to get my LP12 playing as I knew it could and should, someone (thanks Warren) advised speaking to Peter.

    After a good 45 minutes on the phone, I had a plan in place and took my 21 year old deck up to Leicester for a thorough fettle and a new Chris Harban plinth (well, you need to mark a 21st birthday, don't you) - toasted curly maple, oh yeah! The results were as inspirational as they were sensational. I now wouldn't dream of taking the turntable anywhere else and, I must confess, I've made several improvements since then, but each time I've upgraded it's been as a result of Peter demonstrating the differences. No pressure, no implied preferences, no tapping feet, just unbiased, no-nonsense, side-by-side comparisons and my own ability to decide which was better.

    I wouldn't ordinarily drive several hundred miles door to door to visit a hi-fi retailer but, in the case of Cymbiosis, it's so worth it.

  • Vincent says...

    The Kleos is sounding even better after one week. Having seen the care with which my LP12 was rebuilt and some of the tweaks/modifications made in the process, I have no doubt that all this work has contributed to the fine result.

    The sonic character of the Kleos in my system at home was immediately recognisable from the dem, so the time and effort in setting up a comparable system at Cymbiosis was well worthwhile.

    We had more than enough time for me to be completely satisfied that I had made the correct choice, and to have every confidence that my LP12 was leaving Leicester in A1 condition.

    It would have been impossible to make this kind of informed decision without the facilities offered by Cymbiosis.

  • B. S. says...

    Now that I have time to gather my thoughts, the last few days having been wild, I realise that I haven't thanked you for your help and support over the last couple of months. It seems such a long time since we had that conversation in which you approximated the CDS2 - CDS3 jump being akin to the move from a Klyde to an Akiva.

    I am now in a position to appreciate exactly what you meant by the analogy, as track after track, the CDS3/555PS present the music as I have always hoped I could hear it. I would imagine the S3 is now more or less warmed though, but the 555PS is still very new to the world of electricity. The thought that there is even more to come is one to savour with great relish…

    …I appreciate what you have done for me and you are assured of my continuing custom as and when I further tweak/upgrade my system.

  • Adam Rowan says...

    After much thought and longing, I finally took the very scary step into high end hifi.

    Searching the internet for information on an LP12, one name kept coming up

    wherever I looked, Cymbiosis, and not in the form of adverts but from enthusiasts who

    just had great things to say. I contacted them and was greeted by Peter. Strangely, he

    didn't try to slyly sell anything to me as other companies I had called had, he just gave me

    good solid advice, his passion for his business and a touch of his vast knowledge and some of his precious time.

    He openly gave great money saving advice and steered me through the quick sand that the hifi world was offering.

    I am now the proud owner of a beautifil LP12, expertly bulit and installed by Peter and I can honestly say it has made me discover a whole new record collection within my collection!

    I look forward to using Cymbiosis for years to come.

  • From Naim Forum

    For the first time I can truly say that I am happy with my system – and be totally sincere about it.

    Again, many thanks to Peter for everything he has done; he is truly a master of his trade.

    Thank you Peter.

  • For the first time I can truly say that I am happy with my system – and be totally sincere about it.
  • From Linn Forum

    I had a minor issue with the Hi-Line that Peter & Co had Naim tailor make to fit my Uphorik. The fact that it is now attached to my Urika makes getting maintenance done very tricky. A quick phone call to Leicester today and all my needs were looked after. I believe the stuff I needed is already at the tender mercy of the Royal Mail as I type. Brilliant service!

    Many thanks!

  • From Naim Forum

    We had three wonderful days with Peter here in Sofia. Actually he fitted 2 Radikals....Many thanks to Peter for his second visit and contribution to the sound. He is always ready to help.

  • From Naim Forum

    The weekend has been a great success, it involved a visit from the Naim Hi-fi System (NHS) consultant, Peter at "Cymbiosis". A few weeks ago Peter in his surprising and enthusiastic way offered to vist my place, which I would like to point out is not like saying I'm just going to pop down to the shops...

  • From Naim Forum

    This took much umming and aahing. Up with tape measure, small movement and tune re-played. Much Frankie later the Doctor is finally happy with his handy work. From 10am to 9pm, with a couple of short breaks, the system has been transformed. Huge thanks again to Peter, above and beyond as usual from yourself and the Cymbiosis team.

  • From Naim Forum

    I will start this post with a big thank you to Peter Swain of Cymbiosis. He has just completed a variety of changes and upgrades to my system and it is sounding absolutely superb....So, a huge public thanks to Peter for the work and time he has invested in my system.

    The man is a star!

  • From Linn Forum

    Saturday afternoon was the play off, as always Peter had been meticulous in preparing three identical decks separated by just the standard new steel, Kore and Keel….. Hell we even used the same mat… Goes to show keeping in touch with you local dealer is a good plan. Saved me from the auction sites, which was well worth paying a few quid more for and given me a spec and upgrade I wasn’t ever planning on achieving with my deck.

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