Isoblue Equipment Racks

The Isobluehifi rack is a UK designed and manufactured product which was introduced in 1999

Isoblue Hi-Fi RackOperating from Hampshire, Isobluehifi Ltd is a UK registered company. All Isobluehifi products are all manufactured in the UK to the highest standards using real-wood veneers applied and finished by hand.

They develop and test their products using real hifi systems to ensure they perform well sonically as well as visually. In particular they are very keen to ensure that the Isobluehifi table is equally suited to both analogue and digital source components.

The Isobluehifi rack is a UK designed and manufactured product which was introduced in 1999. Since then there have been several production upgrades with 2012 seeing a new manufacturing facility coming on-line. This has resulted in a higher quality of finish with all shelves made-to-order with individually veneered finishes.

Assembly of the hifi rack is as easy as it gets and the shelves move backwards and forwards to allow access at the back. The system is modular so you can add more hifi shelves as your needs grow. It all adds up…

Isoblue Hi-Fi RackThe standard Isobluehifi rack provides a useable vertical space of 100mm between shelves. To accommodate larger items of equipment, you simply add pairs of Extensions to increase the vertical space by an additional 35mm, 65mm, 100mm or 130mm.

Made using high quality individual veneers and solid wood legs, Isoblue Hifi 60 Series is available in a number of different finishes.

Special Branch means not having to compromise. It has the same design features as Isoblue Hifi’s 60 Series, but is veneered with exotic and exclusive veneers with solid wood edge-lipping. The result is a distinctive and superior finish that really stands out and looks superb from any angle.

Isoblue racks can be viewed in use here at Cymbiosis in one of our demonstration rooms.