An Eventful Day with Linn at Cymbiosis

Posted by Phil Mulvaney February 7th, 2018

Linn have recently announced two new upgrades for the Sondek LP12, with the arrival of the Urika II phono stage and the new Lingo power supply.

To enable you to hear these upgrades for yourself, we are holding an open day on Saturday 24th February 2018, when Linn engineer Cameron Sharpe will be here with us to explain the technology and demonstrate the fantastic capabilities of these exciting new products.

Can You Have A Small Titan?

Posted by Phil Mulvaney December 30th, 2017

It would appear so, as we are pleased to announce that the “baby” of the Kudos Titan range, the 606, has arrived and is now well run in and available for demonstration. The Titan 808 and 707 have been super successful and the 606 brings this performance level to a more affordable price point for many people.

There’s No Place Like A Linn Home

Posted by Phil Mulvaney December 5th, 2017

Christmas has just come early! Linn have just announced a fantastic new offer, the like of which they have never done before.

Buy a Klimax DS streamer or Klimax DSM streamer/preamplifier and receive a complimentary Majik DSM streamer/amplifier or…

…buy an Akurate DS streamer or Akurate DSM streamer/preamplifier and receive a complimentary Linn Sekrit DSM streamer/amplifier.

Naim Release 2018 Price List

Posted by Phil Mulvaney December 4th, 2017

Naim Audio have just announced their new price list, effective January 1st 2018, which shows an average price increase of 4%.

The Uniti range is not affected as there was an increase in October for that, which is effectively for 2018 as well.

The new price list can be viewed here and you will see that the accessories are now listed separately from the main list.