Phil Mulvaney

Sales Manager & Webmaster - Digital Streaming Specialist

My love affair with music began when I first heard “Love Me Do” by the Beatles on a transistor radio (yes, I really am that old!).

That love affair has stayed with me and has encompassed a wide variety of music with my main loves being West Coast psychedelic and progressive rock (I know!!!).

My parents were persuaded to buy an HMV Stereogram and the record buying began in earnest. Not long after, I started to attend live gigs, something I still love to do. Throughout the years I have improved on the HMV Stereogram and now listen to my music through a Linn Klimax streaming system and Kudos loudspeakers.

My working career has always been in the retail sector and when the opportunity came along in 1991 to combine this with my passion for music, I grabbed it with both hands. This opportunity was to work at the recently opened Listen Inn specialist hi-fi shop in Leicester, which brought me into contact with Peter Swain.

Apart from a short stint at Listen Inn in Northampton and a three year adventure living in France, I have worked with Peter ever since and still enjoy the thrill of introducing our customers to quality music replay throughout the many developments in our industry.

I still spend as much time as I can listening to music and going to live gigs, and have even combined this with my other hobby, photography.

My main roles here at Cymbiosis include the set up and installation of Digital Streaming/network solutions and I am also one of the Webmasters.

[email protected]

01664 420171