Linn Digital Streamers

Linn, based in Glasgow, Scotland, was founded in 1973 by Ivor Tiefenbrun. They are world leaders in digital streaming products as well as speakers, amplification and, of course, turntables, with the iconic LP12.



With high quality music downloads including 24/192 recordings and studio masters now readily available, more people than ever before are interacting with the music stored on their computer or hard drive.

Linn DS and DSM players allow you to release this music from your computer and to enjoy genuine audiophile performance from ripped CDs and music downloads. Linn streamers offer performance that surpasses CD players, with the convenience of having your entire digital music collection at your fingertips, organised your way. Linn were so convinced about the superiority of digital streaming that they were the first of the world’s specialist Hi-fi electronics manufacturers to act on their convictions and ceased production of CD players in 2009!

Both Linn DS and DSM products benefit from Linn’s Space Optimisation technology which enables you to take the room out of your system. Space Optimisation allows you to position your speakers where it is practical rather than acoustically ideal, whilst maintaining Linn’s high quality of sound. With all Linn DS and DSM products, your whole music catalogue is presented in a beautifully simple format on a range of tablets, smart phones or computers, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

Klimax DSM

Klimax DSM integrates the outstanding streaming performance of Klimax DS with a digital and analogue pre-amp, ensuring you hear the best from any audio source connected to it.

Using standard analogue outputs, Klimax DSM can be connected to any power amplifier or Aktiv speaker plus, with Exakt Link connections, it’s Exakt-ready for future system upgrades.The Linn KDSM also allows you to Space Optimise any of your sources to get the best out of your turntable, games console, or home cinema system. The Linn KDSM enables you to get the very best from all of your sources of music.

Klimax DS

The Klimax DS is at the pinnacle of digital audio, designed to compete with a flagship Linn LP12. Having no moving parts or on-board storage ensures absolute focus on its sole function; to reproduce your stored music as accurately as possible. The stunning casing is perfectly machined from a single billet of aluminium and protects the delicate signal against external interferences.

The Klimax DS comes equipped with the new internal Linn Dynamik power supply allowing the KDS to run silently, enabling you to enjoy your system to the full and focus on what is most important; the music. The Linn Klimax DS is the reference that all other streamers should be judged by, utilising both Linn’s Exakt and Space Optimisation technology, allowing you to explore your music library to its full potential.

Akurate DSM

Rediscover your music collection with Akurate DSM, a network music player and pre-amp that will reignite your passion for music and bring movies, TV and games to life like never before.

Using standard analogue outputs, Akurate DSM can be connected to any power amplifier or Aktiv speaker, plus with Exakt Link connections, it’s Exakt-ready for future system upgrades. As with the rest of the Linn DSM Range, the ADSM allows you to utilise Space Optimisation technology to make the best of any source connected to your system.

Akurate DS

Housed in a stunning new precision-engineered enclosure, the Akurate DS brings a level of elegance to your living area that matches its excellent audio performance. The Akurate DS excels with all the most popular digital formats, reproducing your favourite albums with exceptional dynamic range and musical detail.

The Akurate DS also incorporates Linn’s Dynamic power supply, allowing it to run silently like all Linn DS streamers. In our opinion, the Akurate DS combines excellent value for money with Linn’s legendary build quality and attention to detail to create a stunning piece of audiophile technology.

Majik DSM

Connect your living room together with Majik DSM and bring great music to the heart of your home.

With the power and precision to handle anything you throw at it, you can turn up the volume and fill any room with great sound. Connect your Blu-ray player or games console and get better soundtracks and special effects, or stream any audio from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Majik DSM is the perfect stepping stone onto the Linn ladder, bringing your living room together into a world of amazing sound!

Majik DS

The Majik DS is a beautifully crafted piece of British engineering offering class-beating performance. Using technology developed for use in the flagship Klimax DS, the Majik DS comes with a very high-quality pedigree. The Majik DS is the perfect entry level digital streaming option to go with a range of integrated or pre-power amplifiers.

The Majik DS also allows you to unlock a full range of internet radio stations as well as high-definition audio streams from Linn and other sources. Experience the Majik DS alongside the full range of DS streamers here at Cymbiosis.