Record Cleaning

Here at Cymbiosis we have a range of record cleaning solutions from Hannl and Okki Nokki which aim to bring your record collection back to its former glory. We also offer a record cleaning service in-house for those few records that need some extra care and attention.

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Bringing your vinyl collection back to its former glory is now easier than ever with our range of record cleaning machines, bringing new life to old, dusty and dirty records.

We are currently enjoying a renaissance period for vinyl and, with people digging out their old collections and rediscovering their vinyl again, it has never been more important than now to look after your vinyl, both old and new. Vinyl which has been stored in damp conditions in garages or attics, can build up mildew and other small moulds. Record cleaning machines help by removing this as well as dust, red wine and other substances your vinyl collection may have come into contact with.

Hannl Mera EL

The Hannl Mera EL record cleaning machine is the ideal way to keep your precious record collection in the best possible condition. The Mera EL features a speed-adjustable main platter, which is an important part of the machine and the way it achieves its high level performance. The platter can be slowed to 1-2 revolutions per minute, which means that when suction is applied, the suction over the record surface is higher, thus increasing the cleaning capabilities of the Mera .

When running at 1-2 revolutions per minute the record is clean and dry in one revolution, allowing for a perfect clean and the ability to be placed straight into an anti-static sleeve to avoid contamination. The Mera EL is constructed from 10mm robust acrylic with aluminium edges and benefits from electronically adapting suction to give a record the best clean possible. The solid, wear-resistant casing  is available in a range of finishes and colours and contributes to the machine’s very low noise floor. During normal cleaning, the Mera runs at 64dB, about as loud as normal conversation at 1 m.

The internal liquid tanks and drainage hose allow for this self contained unit to run easily over a long period of time enabling you to clean entire collections. The Mera EL from Hannl is a stunning piece of German engineering and is a must for any serious vinyl collector or enthusiast.

Hannl Limited

The Hannl Limited record cleaning machine enables you to bring your vinyl back to its former glory. Featuring a dual arm design, the Limited has a separate fluid dispenser as well as brush to allow the record cleaning solution to permeate deep into the grooves.

One of the important aspects of the Hannl range is the low noise level generated whilst cleaning. Typically, record cleaning machines have been noisy, industrial pieces of equipment but that’s no longer the case. The Hannl Limited reaches only 68dB at normal cleaning speed allowing it to be used for prolonged periods without disturbance. The Limited uses 10 mm strong acrylic housing and aluminium edging to creates a solid and wear-resistant casing. It also benefits from an internal reservoir which means that fluid is kept inside the machine, and the used fluid is expelled through a waste pipe to allow for easy removal.

The Hannl Limited is an impressive piece of German engineering and is a must for any vinyl collector or enthusiast. The Hannl Limited is an ideal way to clean LPs and bring new life to some old classics.

Okki Nokki One Record Cleaning Machine

Okki Nokki

The Okki Nokki One record cleaning machine is a very affordable way to keep your records clean. It offers a modern, lightweight design and is available in Black or White. Featuring a forward and reverse drive mechanism for cleaning your vinyl, the Okki Nokki removes contaminants and dust and brings new life to old records.

The Okki Nokki has interchangeable arms, allowing for the cleaning of both 7″ and 12″ records and an optional cover. Cymbiosis is pleased to offer the Okki Nokki as part of our record cleaning range.

Cymbiosis Record Cleaning Service

Here at Cymbiosis, we realise that some of our customers may have smaller record collections that don’t yet justify the purchase of a record cleaning machine for home use. This is why we offer our record cleaning service.

We use a Hannl Mera EL record cleaning machine and, at a cost of £1.50 per LP, we will clean your records to remove any built up mildew, dust and other surface contaminants to bring new life to your vinyl collection. We hope this service will allow customers to rediscover their record collection and enjoy getting back to what’s most important; playing music!

If you would like to have your records cleaned here at Cymbiosis we ask that customers please bring in a minimum of 5 records per time, which allows us to use our equipment to its full potential. For the best clean, we recommend that records are kept in anti-static sleeves, which helps to reduce future contaminant build up and these are available for a cost of 30p per sleeve. If you would like a same day cleaning service (10 LP’s Maximum), please book this with us in advance. For further information about our record cleaning service please contact Wayne directly.

Why not come and try our record cleaning service and see how we can make your old LPs shine again!