Rega CD Players

Rega, designed and built in Southend-on-Sea, UK, have been making high-performance audio equipment for over 30 years with the current design team led by founder, Roy Gandy.



Rega Saturn MK3 CD-DAC Player

The new Rega Saturn MK3 is re-housed in their their latest case designed to match the rest of the Rega range. The Saturn MK3 CD-DAC player offers complete flexibility and integration into any audio system. Essentially two products in one, the Rega Saturn MK3 houses an independent DAC circuit and a high specification CD transport. Both sections are fully remote controllable via the supplied Rega Solaris remote handset.

You will find plenty of connectivity options, up to and including 24bit-192 kHz. The Rega Saturn MK3 has two optical inputs, two Co-Axial inputs, a fully asynchronous USB and an added ‘direct’ digital output from the CD playback section. This ensures the Rega Saturn MK3 integrates perfectly into any system and provides the perfect partner for the Rega Elicit MK5 integrated amplifier.

The Rega Saturn MK3 uses Rega’s proven digital to analogue converter and analogue output amplifier technology coupled with a pair of Wolfson WM8742 digital to analogue converter ICs. The Rega Saturn MK3 utilises Rega’s own CD section power supply which was a result of the research & development of their reference CD player along with the improved microcontroller and display drivers.

Rega Apollo-R CD Player

Rega Apollo-R CD Player

The Rega Apollo-R is the upgraded version of the iconic Rega Apollo CD player which sold more than 20,000 units worldwide. With big shoes to fill, the Apollo-R is a complete re-innovation of the classic CD player. Re-housed in Rega’s latest custom aluminium case to match the new styling of the Brio amplifier, the Rega Apollo-R utilises Rega’s own custom chipset and software offering a truly unique level of performance. The Rega Apollo-R still features the same top loading design of the original Apollo, but incorporates a new internal Wolfson WM8742 DAC together with enhanced output amplifier circuitry and digital power supplies.

The Rega Apollo-R has been designed primarily to be used with Rega’s shoebox sized integrated amplifier, the Rega Brio-R, but is an upgrade to any system. The Rega Apollo-R CD player stands alongside products costing more than double its price, showing that Rega are able to produce truly world-beating products at affordable prices.

*Please note as of 19/07/22 this product is no longer in production.