Lyra Cartridges

Based in Tokyo, LYRA is headed by Stig Bjorge from Norway, with American design engineer, Jonathan Carr, and Japanese master craftsman, Yoshinori Mishima, making cartridges and supervising production. All products are manufactured in Japan with microscopic attention to detail under the direct supervision of these three.



Lyra are world renowned for creating some of the finest audiophile turntable cartridges available.

Designed by American designer, Jonathan Carr, and precision built by master craftsman, Yoshinori Mishima, Lyra cartridges have set a benchmark for performance and world class vinyl reproduction.

The Lyra range uses the very latest technology to create outstanding results. This is seen in the flagship Lyra Atlas, the world’s first asymmetric MC phono cartridge.

Lyra Atlas MC Cartridge

Lyra Atlas Moving Coil Cartridge

Introducing the Atlas, the flagship cartridge from Lyra . The Atlas is the first ever asymmetrically structured phono cartridge. This has two main benefits. Firstly, having differently-shaped structures on the left and right sides suppresses the formation of standing waves inside the cartridge body, thereby creating a less resonant, more neutral cartridge body. Secondly, the asymmetric construction offsets the front magnet carrier and its associated mounting system so that it is no longer in line with the cantilever assembly. Doing so opens up a direct, solid path between the cantilever assembly and tonearm headshell so that vibrations from the cantilever can be quickly drained away once they have been converted into electrical signals, again suppressing resonances.

The Atlas uses Lyra’s “New Angle” technology, which mechanically pre-biases the signal coils so that they are perfectly aligned to the front and rear magnets when LP playback takes place. This equalizes out discrepancies in vertical and horizontal compliances, and enables the Atlas’ coils to move with equal ease in all directions for optimal performance.

The Lyra Atlas is a must listen for anyone serious about LP playback. A staggering cartridge worthy of the acclaim it has been receiving.

Lyra Etna MC Cartridge

Lyra Etna Moving Coil Cartridge

The Lyra Etna, the baby brother of the Titan, was introduced with the aim of bringing the aspirations and qualities of the Titan at a lower price. Etna was designed with a strong emphasis on engineering efficiency, so that its performance would be as far beyond the sum of its parts as possible. For this reason, although it shares some of its design philosophy with the Atlas, the concepts are executed rather differently.

Etna employs a solid titanium core structure machined with non-parallel surfaces to inhibit internal reflections wherever possible, but unlike Atlas (and Titan before it), this is mated to a slightly undersized, asymmetric duralumin outer body that is designed to lock over the core like a very tightly-fitting jigsaw puzzle. The core and body are augmented with bronze and stainless-steel resonance control rods, then everything is pressure-fit together into a pre-stressed, solid, void-free structure, which is comprised of multiple materials and complex internal shapes. The constrained-layer nature of this construction dramatically reduces the resonant signature of each material and creates a far more neutral-sounding body structure than otherwise possible, while the high body stiffness benefits transients, dynamics and resolution.

The Lyra Etna is the ideal option for a high-performance turntable. Taking its philosophies from its bigger brother, the Atlas, it is hard to see where the Etna can go wrong.

Lyra Kleos Cartridge

Lyra Kleos & Kleos SL Cartridges

Building on the technology from the Lyra Delos, the Kleos innovates with a stronger chassis, machined from aircraft-grade alloys. The cartridge mounting area is narrowed to improve energy transfer and the pre-stressed construction, combining materials with non-parallel surfaces, inhibits internal body resonances.

The Kleos is fully handmade and has a line contact stylus and platinum plated output pins rather than the usual gold. The Kleos achieves an exceptionally quiet noise floor with excellent immediacy, resolution and tracking with a wide dynamic range for a more natural performance.

The Kleos SL is a special, built-to-order, version of Kleos for expert users with very high-gain, extra low noise phono stages, or alternatively a step-up transformer designed for phono cartridges of 2 – 3 ohms or less.
Most users (and phono stages) will benefit from the regular Kleos with much higher output and considerably more energy; resulting in a much better signal-to-noise ratio. If you are in doubt about which version of Kleos that will work best in your system, please go with the regular Kleos.
The Kleos SL may provide extra pure and pristine sound from an audio system that is optimized for a low-impedance, low-output cartridge. However, this may be accompanied with a lesser level of energy and power.
Lyra nevertheless has decided to offer SL models, as built-to-order at a small surcharge, for those who are confident that they can extract the benefits from such a low-output MC phono cartridge

Lyra Delos MC Cartridge

Lyra Delos Moving Coil Cartridge

The Delos is Lyra’s entry level cartridge. It has a micro ridge stylus and has outstanding tracking, a non-parallel solid metal body for low resonances and a nude construction for even greater clarity.

The result is a clear and highly resolved sound with good dynamic range, transient impact and immediacy. The Delos is rapidly becoming a favorite mid-priced moving coil cartridge.