Naim Audio Accessories

World Class sound. Naim Audio, based in Salisbury, England, have been producing the world's finest CD players, amplifiers, loudspeakers and all-in-one systems for the past 35 years, and more recently network players.



For the past 35 years, Naim Audio have been making world-class Hi-Fi equipment - these accessories are designed with performance at heart.

These accessories are designed to get the most out of your system and take it too another level. The Naim Audio shelving options, Fraim and Fraim Lite, are the epitome of style and performance. The Naim Power-Line and Hi-Line are perfect examples of how cutting edge technology can be used to upgrade any piece of current equipment and also bring new life to legacy Naim products.

Naim Fraim equipment rack

Naim Audio Fraim Equipment Rack

Where a piece of Hi-Fi equipment is housed in relation to other items of equipment affects the performance of the system dramatically. This is due to the need to isolate equipment from its surroundings and other components. This is where Naim Fraim excels by providing a high-quality isolated support structure.

Naim Audio introduced their Fraim Hi-Fi support several years ago as a modular system offering three different shelf heights – small, medium or tall legs – to accommodate any of Naim’s Hi-Fi equipment.

Naim Fraim incorporates cleverly thought out triple-action ball de-couplers that locate beneath the individual glass support shelves, thus minimising the effect of microphonics on the sensitive electronic assemblies inside the equipment. These then locate and sit on top of the main body of each shelf. Each shelf locates via three stainless steel spikes into the cups in the shelf beneath.

Finally, a double base level and stainless steel floor spikes further decouple the system from the floor. All these aspects, including the minimal use of ferrous materials, combine together to produce a Hi-Fi support system that offers a genuine sonic upgrade to any Hi-Fi system.

The Naim Fraim is available with black or natural silver aluminium support legs and three wood shelf veneers; Ash, black or cherry. Combining either leg finish with any wood finish will allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing solution for your home. This, together with the considerable sonic benefits of the Fraim, means that it really is a must for anyone serious about their music and their Hi-Fi.

Naim Fraim Lite equipment rack

Naim Audio Fraim Lite Equipment Rack

A simplified version of Naim’s reference Fraim, Naim Fraim Lite lacks the separate glass supports and the cup and ball isolators. Additionally, Fraim Lite lacks the two level base arrangement of its bigger brother, with now just one base shelf being used. However, it operates on the same basic principles as Naim Fraim, providing a rigid, easy levelling platform to support and isolate separate hi-fi components from each other and their environment. Its simplified design results in a more affordable and simpler to set up hi-fi support system that still looks stunning in a modern domestic listening room.

Instead of incorporating the glass shelf as with the Fraim, Naim Fraim Lite uses custom designed real wood veneered shelves, to form a solid support for a piece of hi-fi equipment. Given the fact that NaimFraim Lite has evolved from Fraim, mixing between the two is possible, and allows for near optimal isolation of critical products such as turntables and network players. This, together with the fact that Naim Fraim Lite is available in exactly the same finishes as Naim Fraim, means that you are able to create a support system with the very best mix of affordability, aesthetics and sonic performance.

Naim Power-Line mains cable

Naim Power-Line Mains Lead

To Naim, a smooth, stable, low-noise supply is critical. It’s absolutely fundamental to performance. That’s why they designed the Power-Line mains cable. Its complex, precision-engineered construction has been defined and refined following solid mechanical engineering principles and then confirmed after hundreds of hours of testing in the listening room.

Naim Hi-Line interconnect

Naim Audio Hi-Line Interconnect

During the development of the Naim CD555, a special project ran in parallel; to develop a new signal cable that would exceed the performance of Naim’s standard cable.

The brief was to investigate all parameters of a signal carrier and to improve the whole rather than just improving the cable, which would be the more normal development practice.

Given the opportunity to start with a ‘clean sheet’, Naim’s R&D team decided to develop a much improved and de-coupled plug as well as a new cable. The results are exceptional when the cable is allowed to hang loose and free. Highly recommended for use with Naim equipment, the Naim Hi-Line is available in the following variants: 5 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN, 4 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN, 5 pin DIN to 2 RCA, 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN and 2 RCA to 2 RCA.

The Naim Hi-Line project ran alongside the Naim Power-Line project and both have provided exceptional results in comparison to Naim’s standard interconnects and power cables. The Naim Hi-Line comes as standard with some of the higher-level Naim equipment.