This old-timer’s still got it…

Posted by Phil Mulvaney April 27th, 2017

…and no, we’re not referring to Peter! In fact, this is a quote from What Hi-Fi? magazine who have just reviewed the current Linn Klimax LP12 turntable and despite it’s venerable age, have given it a glowing review and endorsement as one of the finest turntables around.

You can see a copy of the review here

But there’s yet more!

The Record-Pressing Robot

Posted by Phil Mulvaney February 14th, 2017

An interesting article has appeared on the website, which may interest all you vinyl junkies out there. For the first time in many years, vinyl record pressing has been brought up to date by a Canadian company, Viryl Technologies who have designed and manufactured the Warm Tone record press.

Rega Elex-R is a 5 Star Performer

Posted by Phil Mulvaney February 7th, 2017

Hi-Fi Choice magazine has just awarded the Rega Elex-R 5 stars and the number one position in their latest group test of integrated amplifiers in the £700.00 to £1030.00 price range against some stiff opposition.

The review states that “while the other amps bring special talents to the group, the Elex-R delivers the masterclass” and that “musically, it’s untouchable”.