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There’s No Place Like A Linn Home

Posted by December 5th, 2017

Christmas has just come early! Linn have just announced a fantastic new offer, the like of which they have never done before.

Buy a Klimax DS streamer or Klimax DSM streamer/preamplifier and receive a complimentary Majik DSM streamer/amplifier or…

…buy an Akurate DS streamer or Akurate DSM streamer/preamplifier and receive a complimentary Linn Sekrit DSM streamer/amplifier.

Linn Spawns A Stream Of Superlatives

Posted by January 11th, 2017

Linn have received some excellent news that the latest version of the  Klimax DS streamer featuring the Katalyst upgraded DAC has been awarded 5 Stars by What Hi-Fi in their latest review. You can read what they had to say here What Hi-Fi Klimax Ds January 2017

Some quotes from the review

‘’The DS/3 is without doubt the most transparent and insightful streamer we’ve ever tested’’

‘’The Klimax also demonstrates a level of finesse most high-end alternatives barely hint at’’

‘’Sometimes it doesn’t take long to realise a product is special.

Linn Products announce game changing technology…Space Optimisation!

Posted by March 31st, 2015

Linn Products are proud to present one of the biggest steps forward the industry has seen in the past 10 years…Space Optimisation. Here at Cymbiosis, we have always told and demonstrated to our customers the effects that room interference has upon the sound of a system. Whether it is a television screen between the speakers glass patio doors reflecting sound into the room, or even speakers sticking out into the room, Space Optimisation from Linn helps to combat this.