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Peter heads to Brazil…

Posted by November 15th, 2013

Heathrow is not the easiest of places to get to on a Friday evening as anyone who’s tried it will know. Last Friday (the 1st November) was not good, with a section of the M25 near the M1 junction closed due to an accident, so I made my way from Leicester west on the M69 and then down the M40 past Oxford and High Wycombe.

36 Hours in Paris

Posted by September 14th, 2013

I took off from Heathrow Midday on the 12th September to visit and install one of my Signature LP12’s. My 36 hour trip was the perfect way to install the LP12 and get the very best of my clients system.

I tried to make the very best use of my time building a beautiful Bolivian Rosewood Chris Harban plinth into an amazing LP12 incorporating the Ekos Se, Keel, Radikal and Urika.

New Chris Harban Woodsong Plinths Arrive!

Posted by April 29th, 2013

We are pleased to announce that the latest shipment of Chris Harban Woodsong plinths have now arrived and we have been busy photographing them on this slightly overcast April day.

The latest plinths have now been uploaded to our website on the Chris Harban in-stock gallery and you will recognise them as they have yellow jasmine flowers in the background!