Naim Audio Uniti

World class sound. Naim Audio, based in Salisbury, England have been producing the world's finest CD players, amplifiers, loudspeakers, network players and all-in-one systems since 1973.



The Naim Uniti family is a range of all-in-one digital products which allows you to explore your music catalogue at any location around your home.

The Naim Uniti family consists of the Uniti 2, UnitiServe, UnitiQute 2, UnitiLite and the SuperUniti. These products together combine to produce an audiophile wireless multiroom solution.

Naim SuperUniti

The SuperUniti is Naim’s reference all-in-one product. It combines technology taken from the NDX as well as the reference amplification range to produce an all-in-one product with a high pedigree and performance to match.

The SuperUniti is a wireless UPnP network player with the added benefit of having USB and iPod/iPhone connectivity, DAB, internet & FM radio and an 80W per channel in-built amplifier. Truly the best of convenience married to audiophile sound quality.

Naim Uniti2

The Uniti2 is truly everything you could want in an all-in-one audio system. This 2nd generation product builds on the massive success of the original NaimUniti, pushing the boundaries of all-in-one technology.

Being part of the Naim Uniti family, the Uniti2 can now be paired together with other Uniti products to create a truly audiophile multiroom set-up. With the addition of ‘Party mode’ you can have seamless music and enjoy the very best of Naim throughout your home.

The Uniti2 incorporates CD, 32bit/192kHz UPnP network player, FM, Internet & DAB radio, USB & iPod/iPhone connectivity and powerful 70W per channel amplification to give one of the best sounds from an all-in-one product anywhere.

Naim UnitiQute 2

The Naim UnitiQute 2, as its name suggests, is Naim’s compact all-in-one system. The UnitiQute 2 is the 2nd generation compact all-in-one unit after the launch of the original UnitiQute in 2010. The UnitiQute incorporates a range of technologies that have been taken from its bigger siblings allowing this small compact system to really shine. The UnitiQute allows digital replay up to 32bit/192kHz as well as having FM, internet & DAB radio and USB/iPod connectivity.

This compact product really packs a punch with its 45W per channel amplifier allowing it to be partnered with a range of loudspeakers to give great sound anywhere around the home. The UnitiQute is also upgradable as it can be paired with one of Naim’s dedicated power amplifiers, for example the compact NAP100, lifting its performance even further.

Naim UnitiLite

The Naim UnitiLite is the slimmed down version of the Naim Uniti2 all-in-one unit. The UnitiLite takes all of the design principles of the original Naim Uniti and brings them up-to-date in the sleek and streamlined XS-style casework. The UnitiLite incorporates 50W per channel Naim amplification as well as a high-quality Burr-Brown PCM 1793 DAC.

The UnitiLite streams the full range of digital formats including FLAC, WAV, AIFF and MP3 up to 32bit/192kHz. This means that the UnitiLite can play from iTunes libraries as well as lossless music stored on a dedicated NAS drive. Featuring CD, FM/DAB/Internet Radio and iPod/iPhone connectivity, the UnitiLite allows any user to get the very best out of any media.

As well as a range of 3 digital inputs, the UnitiLite also has a range of analogue inputs, which means that you can use external media such as a dedicated turntable and get the very best out of your record collection.

The UnitiLite is the perfect slimline addition to your home, giving you amazing sound, sleek design and the best of British build quality.