Linn Amplifiers

Linn, Just Listen... Linn, based in Glasgow, Scotland, was founded in 1973 by Ivor Tiefenbrun. They are world leaders in digital streaming products as well as speakers, amplification and, of course, turntables, with the iconic LP12.



Linn Klimax Solo Power Amplifier

Linn Klimax Solo Power Amplifier

Linn’s reference power amplifier, Klimax 500 Solo is dedicated to powering a single speaker (or drive unit) using a monoblock design for unparalleled musical performance.

Combine two Klimax Solos for truly exceptional stereo amplification or go Aktiv using individual Klimax Solos for each loudspeaker drive unit for the ultimate playback solution.

Featuring Linn’s latest Dynamik power supply technology, Linn Klimax Solo minimises interference and maximises audio quality for a simply incredible musical performance.

For the very best audio system available, choose Linn Klimax Solo as part of a Linn Klimax System and experience audio perfection.

Klimax Twin Power Amplifier

Linn Klimax Twin Power Amplifier

Linn’s best performing stereo power amplifier, Klimax Twin can effortlessly power a pair of speakers from a single stunning component.

Featuring Linn’s latest Dynamik power supply technology, Linn Klimax Twin minimises interference and maximises audio quality for an exceptional musical performance.

The stunning velvet-touch casing, perfectly machined from a single billet of aluminium, screens and protects the delicate audio signal to deliver the best possible sound quality. 

Linn Akurate Power Amplifier

Linn Akurate Power Amplfier

Linn Akurate power amplifiers are responsive and powerful enough to power the most demanding music, delivering loud, complex passages and quiet interludes with equal precision.

Featuring Linn’s latest technologies, including Chakra amplification and Dynamik power supply, Linn Akurate power amplifiers represent the cutting edge in power amplification technology.

Linn Akurate power amplifiers can be used on their own or in multiples, making it possible to add as many channels as you need for a stereo, multi-channel, multi-amp or, the ultimate, fully Aktiv system.

Majik Power Amplifier

Linn Majik Power Amplifier

Developed from Linn’s latest Chakra power amplifier topology, Linn Majik power amplifiers are ideal for use in stereo or multi-channel systems.

Chakra is a simple but highly innovative design perfected by Linn through precision engineering. It offers significantly increased power, reliability and efficiency, whilst at the same time producing less heat, less distortion and using fewer components.

Linn Majik power amplifiers can be upgraded by the addition of internal Aktiv crossover cards. This makes it simple to improve the performance of your playback system by upgrading to an Aktiv configuration with Linn loudspeakers.