Welcome to Linn Space Optimisation, the ground breaking technology enabling you to remove the room from your system!

Optimised for your custom environment

Linn Space Optimisation uses sophisticated acoustic modelling to build up a complete picture of how your speakers, their placement, and the unique characteristics of your room interact to affect the sound you hear. It then precisely identifies frequencies that are artificially distorted by your environment, and reduces their energy, to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden.

The interactions between your speakers and the boundaries of your room can dramatically distort the sound that you hear. For example, placing a speaker near to a wall will add energy to particular low frequencies, masking other areas of the music.

Until now, there has been a choice: place your speakers in the ideal location for sound, or choose a more practical location that compromises sound quality.

Linn Space Optimisation is able to recreate the sound of the ideal location, from your preferred, practical location to give you the best of both worlds. Now you can place your speakers exactly where you want them and still enjoy great performance.

Ideal speaker placement for sound

Impractical for your living space

Placement with Space Optimisation

Great sound and much more practical

Linn Space Optimisation +

Linn Exakt systems deliver an enhanced version of this technology: Space Optimisation+. Exakt incorporates the measured response of every individual drive unit. It enables even more advanced speaker modelling that’s specific, not just to the model of speaker, but to the unique pair of speakers in your home.

This advanced approach to speaker modelling means Space Optimisation+ can apply a far greater level of precision when optimising the sound, personalised for your particular speakers.

Space Optimisation is built into every Linn DS and DSM and is accessed through Konfig. Linn give you the ability to build your whole listening room in Konfig, allowing you to minimise the acoustic effects of everything from sofas to fish tanks and televisions.

Hear it for yourself

We have heard how Space Optimisation can work in our demonstration rooms and are excited to try it for ourselves at home. Space Optimisation is built into every Linn DS and works with a wide range of speakers with more being added continuously.

For more technical information on Space Optimisation please contact Phil directly, alternatively you can book a live demonstration.

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We stock a large range of compatible speakers

We currently stock a range of Linn and Kudos supported speakers in addition to the Spendor A7 and D7.2. A full list of speaker compatibility can be found on the Linn website

Spendor A7
Spendor D7.2

Speaker information

Kudos X2
Kudos X3
Kudos C20
Kudos Super 10*
Kudos Super 20*
Kudos Titan 505*
Kudos Titan 606*
Kudos Titan 707*
Kudos Titan 808*

Speaker information

Linn Akubarik Passive*
Linn Exakt Akubarik*
Linn Exakt Akudorik*
Linn Klimax 350 Passive*
Linn Majik 109*

Linn Majik 140*

Speaker information

* Space Optimisation+ Compatible