Naim Audio Network Players

World Class sound. Naim Audio, based in Salisbury, have been producing the world's finest CD players, amplifiers, loudspeakers, network players and all-in-one systems since 1973.



Naim's range of network players are more than just extremely capable digital streaming devices. They are capable of outstanding and upgradeable performance.

The days of having to search high and low to find the album that you want are over. With the new breed of network players from Naim, your whole music collection is at your fingertips. Using either an iPad, smartphone or computer, you have the flexibility to play exactly what you want, when you want, and enjoy it just as the artist intended.

All Naim’s products give access to thousands of internet radio stations, along with USB, iPad, iPhone and iPod/MP3 integration. The world of the Hi-resolution download and the studio master is now unlocked via Naim’s audio network players. With sample rates as high as 24/192 now becoming ever more common, Naim’s network players allow you to get the most from your music library and rediscover those forgotten albums.

NDX Network Player

The NDX is a network audio player with the potential to transform music in the home. It can play UPnP audio streams, internet radio, iPod or iPhone audio, and files stored on USB memory hardware. Three high resolution S/PDIF digital inputs complete its versatility.

The NDX is controlled via either the Naim network player remote control or via Naim’s dedicated iPhone and iPad app. This gives you total control of every aspect of your digital library from the comfort of your listening chair.

Naim Audio ND5 XS

The ND5 XS takes the DNA of the NDX and NDS and concentrates it in the slimline XS-style casework. With an ND5 XS you can stream audio from a UPnP™ server, discover internet radio, connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad or USB storage, and even listen to conventional digital audio sources.

Simply connect the ND5 XS to your home network, plug it into a spare amplifier input, and the new world of streamed audio is yours. Get the most out of these revealing and high-resolution downloads.

Naim Audio NAC-N 272

The NAC-N 272 combines Naim’s latest innovations in digital audio technology with classic analogue preamplifier engineering. It samples the best of both worlds to create an immensely musical hi-fi system.

Paired with a NAP 200, NAP 250 or even a NAP 300 power amplifier, the 272 is an ideal choice for those seeking the convenience of a single box streaming system with iOS and Android app control, but that crave hi-fi separates performance. It’s also performance upgradeable with the addition of a Naim Audio XP5 XS, XPS or 555 PS power supply.

All it’s functionality does not come at the cost of performance. The 272 has been carefully designed and meticulously hand-crafted to deliver a completely immersive and awe-inspiring music experience.