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Chord Company C-Line RCA-RCA Analogue Interconnect 1 Metre


Ref Chord Company C-Line RCA-RCA Analogue Interconnect 1 Metre

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Chord Company C-Line RCA-RCA Analogue Interconnect 1 Metre


The C-series utilises the techniques developed for our high-performance cables but applies them in a way that allows us to offer high levels of musical performance at more modest budgets. The Chord Company C-series features interconnects, power cables and speaker cables

ARAY conductor geometry, multi-strand oxygen free copper signal and return conductors.  High density overwrapped foil shielding, reduces signal loss caused by high frequency interference.

Unique RCA plug gold-plating process improves signal transfer across audio frequencies.  Over moulded plug surround provides high reliability connection for best performance.  Available in 1 metre and 0.5 metre lengths.

The Chord C-line is designed to work with all line level components, CD players, streaming devices, DVD players, home theatre amplifiers, tuners, phono stages, RCA equipped turntables and pre to power amplifier connections.

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