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Chord Company GroundARAY RCA


Ref Chord Company GroundARAY 1 x DIN Version-1-1-1

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Product Description

Chord Company GroundARAY

1 x RCA Version


GroundARAY development background

For years, Chord Company has been developing proprietary technologies to reduce both low- and especially high-frequency noise, many of which, such as shielding, can be found in its cable ranges today.

In 2012, Chord Company introduced a solution to reduce damaging HF noise present in the equipment itself: the company’s proprietary TunedARAY mechanical tuning system. Successive and more advanced variations, such as SuperARAY followed, but the ARAY designs were always specific to the cable they were working with, limiting the technology due to space and other design factors.
In 2017, Chord Company started to prototype a next-generation ARAY system, one that would work over the widest range of high frequencies possible, with very high efficiency. This ARAY was designed from the ground up, without any of the limitations imposed with cable design.

The next-generation ARAY system was designed to operate independently from cables, but work with them in helping to reduce HF noise on the signal ground. This new group of devices became known as GroundARAYs and in order to work with different types of A/V equipment, needed to have a selection of different plug adaptors: RCA; DIN; BNC; RJ45; USB Type-A and XLR male and female.

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