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Linn LP12 Box and Internal Packaging


Ref Linn LP12 Box and Internal Packaging

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Product Description

Linn LP12 Box and Internal Packaging

This is a Genuine “Linn Made” complete set of Linn Packaging for Sondek LP12, Axis and Basik Turntables

Correct packaging is essential in ensuring that the Linn Sondek LP12, Axis or Basik turntables are not damaged during transportation or storage.

This complete set of packaging consists of the following:


  • Outer cardboard box
  • Inner cardboard box
  • Polystyrene inner sheet to protect the turntable’s outer platter
  • Polystyrene accessory tray
  • Polystyrene inner spacer sheet
  • Polystyrene top spacer sheet
  • Card protector
  • Clear plastic bags for turntable and lid

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Finish


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  • Product Type

    Linn LP12 spares

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