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Rega Couple 3 Interconnect


Ref Rega Couple 3 Interconnect

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Product Description

The Rega Couple 3 is designed to complement the performance of any hi-fi audio system.

The low capacitance cable used for the Couple 3 is constructed using oxygen free copper (OFC) with an ultra-flexible jacket. This cable was originally developed as a critical component used inside our award-winning reference level Aura phono stage. The 80pF capacitance of this cable is matched to our custom tonearm cables used throughout the Rega range. This feature will optimise performance when used between phono stage and amplifier.

Terminated with ergonomically engineered high quality Neutrik RCA plugs to maximise signal transfer, they also benefit from mechanical strain relief which protects against accidental damage.

The Couple 3 is meticulously hand assembled in house to our exacting standards to ensure the highest possible quality and comes with the Rega lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.


Interconnect length1mWire typeMulti strand (28) Oxygen Free cableStrand size0.22 mm2Low capacitance80pFShielding100% shield factorCable outerUltra flexible jacketRCA Plugs typeHigh spec gold plated Neutrik with mechanical strain relief

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