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Okki Nokki One Record Cleaning Machine in Black


Ref Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine in Black

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Product Description

Okki Nokki One Record Cleaning Machine in Black

The Record Cleaning Machine Reinvented
– Single control button / extreme easy in use
– Bi-directional full size 12 inch platter
– Record clamp with label cover and single adaptor
– Extremely silent and powerful vacuum system
– Waste fluid reservoir with lever indicator!
– All-in-one vacuum arm 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch
– Goats hair brush, one Iitre record cleaning fluid
– Including dustcover

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Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Finish


  • Manufacturer

    Okki NokkiOkki Nokki

  • Product Type

    Record Cleaning

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