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Naim Audio NAC N-272 on demonstration

Posted by June 17th, 2015

We can now announce that the Naim NAC N-272 is run in and ready for demonstration. The M-272 combines some of the best Naim innovations in digital audio technology with traditional analogue engineering. The 272 is a high-quality Naim preamplifier. Its fundamental electronic design is inspired by the NAC 552 preamplifier and its volume control is derived from the flagship Statement NAC S1 preamplifier.

Cymbiosis are proud to announce the brand new Naim Statement…

Posted by January 9th, 2014

As many will have seen over the past few days, on Tuesday evening at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, Naim Audio released their brand new system, ‘The Statement’, comprising the NAP S1 & NAC S1…

Over a decade ago, Steve Sells of Naim Audio had a vision of creating the ultimate Pre-Power combination, using Mono block technology to deliver the ultimate sound.

Naim DR Upgrage/Trade-in Options

Posted by October 4th, 2012

There has been a lot of interest about the Naim Discrete Regulator upgrade for their power supplies and we now have the official prices from Naim for these upgrades. What’s more, if you have your power supply serviced at the same time, there is a discount on the normal service charge as well.

Naim DR Upgrade Information

Posted by October 3rd, 2012

Further to the news item below regarding the Naim Discrete Regulator (DR) update to their range of power supplies, Naim have now announced that they are accepting requests from customers to be added to their database of those who would be interested in having the upgrade applied to their own current power supplies.