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Cymbiosis are proud to present Silent Mount…for speakers and racks!

Posted by July 8th, 2015

Since the introduction of spikes on the bottom of equipment tables, speakers and speaker stands there has been the problem of ensuring that everything is solid and level without damaging the floor. Over the years we have seen solutions ranging from coins through to purpose made hi-fi floor protectors.

Peter took 2 sets of Silent Mount Floor Protectors on his recent visit to America to try these new products in his customers systems. He was blown away by the results, and the added detail, depth and control that the Silent Mount provided the system.

The Silent Mount range is made up of the SM5 & 7 designed for supporting your loudspeakers and the SM5 Titanium primarily designed to support Hi-Fi racks.


The stainless steel SM7 Silent Mount are designed to be used with both floor standing and stand mount loudspeakers. Slightly larger than the SM5s (70mm diameter) and heavier, the Silent Mount will deal with the considerable energy that loud speakers are capable of generating. So far in, every case the Silent Mount SM7s have improved definition and sound staging, bass instruments in particular gain a greater sense of pitch and timbre, these improvements are very noticeable.


Throughout the frequency range of the speaker. Music sounds more coherent and there’s a greater sense of performance and involvement.

The Silent Mount SM5 Titaniums comprise 4 x 50mm titanium spike mounts for lightweight racks and components.


These are the same size as the standard steel SM5 isolation devices but they are built from titanium. Can the change of materials make a difference? Absolutely: the titanium Silent Mount SM5s are identical in size to the stainless steel SM5s but are considerable lighter. The reduced weight improves energy transfer and this is why the titanium version produces a better performance. Timing, dynamics and coherence are all improved and the image is more solid with instruments and voices well defined and accurately placed within the soundstage. The titanium SM5s are designed to be used with any high performance rack or table.


Technically, they appear simple, however the combination of materials, shape and complex construction, underlines the many hours of research that have gone into the finished article. The difference that they will make to your system is astonishing.

To organise a home demonstration of Silent Mount please contact Peter directly.

SM5 RRP – £300.00 (4 Pack)

SM7 RRP – £340.00 (4 Pack)

SMT5 RRP – £500.00 (4 Pack)

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