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Cymbiosis presents Kudos Titan 808 with Linn Exakt event new guest announced!!

Posted by August 16th, 2015

The Cymbiosis presents Kudos Titan 808 with Linn Exakt event is fast approaching and you’re invited!

Next weekend, the 8th and 9th August Cymbiosis, in partnership with Kudos Audio are holding the grand unveiling of the brand new Kudos Audio flagship loudspeaker, the Titan 808. Shared across the weekend, this really is an event not to be missed!

We will have two full Linn Exakt systems running across both our demonstration rooms including a fully Aktive Titan 808 system using 6 Linn Klimax Solos, the first time the Titan 808 has ever been run Aktive! In our second demonstration room we will be running the Kudos Super20A Exakt ready speakers through a Linn Exakt Akurate system.

Our full kit list will include:

Demonstration room 1:

  • Linn Sondek LP12/Klimax DSM with Linn Exakt
  • 6 Linn Klimax Solo Power amplifiers
  • Linn Klimax Exakt Box
  • Kudos Titan 808 Loudspeaker

Demonstration room 2:

  • Linn Sondek LP12/Akurate DSM with Linn Exakt
  • Linn Akurate Power Amplifier
  • Linn Akurate Exakt box
  • Kudos Super20A Loudspeakers

The Cymbiosis team will be joined by Kudos Founder Derek Gilligan and Dave White who will be able to provide insight into the development of both the new Titan 808 and the exiting range of Exakt ready Kudos loudspeakers coming out over the coming months…

As well as Derek and Dave from Kudos, we will also be joined by Phil Budd, Senior Acoustic Engineer for the Linn Mechanical Design Team. Phil was instrumental in the designof the current Linn loudspeaker range as well as the Linn Exakt project!

Our event times over the weekend are:

Saturday 8th August 2015 – 10:00 – 17:50

Sunday 9th August 2015 – 10:00 – 16:00

To book you’re place at this event please book your FREE tickets below!

We look forward to welcoming you to Brook Park!

The Cymbiosis Team

Peter Swain

Peter Swain is the owner and founder of Cymbiosis. He has been in the Hi-Fi Industry over 35 years and spends much of his time tweaking turntables, setting up systems and is involved with every part of Cymbiosis life.

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