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Can You Have A Small Titan?

Posted by December 30th, 2017

It would appear so, as we are pleased to announce that the “baby” of the Kudos Titan range, the 606, has arrived and is now well run in and available for demonstration. The Titan 808 and 707 have been super successful and the 606 brings this performance level to a more affordable price point for many people.

While the Titan 606 is a single-box design (compared to the 808’s upper and lower cabinets), its bodywork remains impressively involved. Its complex constrained layer damping in the plinth and side panels is cleverly designed to allow a stunningly convincing, true-to-life sound.

The design of the Titan 606’s twin mid-bass drivers is developed from that found in the Super 20A.  It features high quality hard paper cones that are double coated to ensure superior stiffness while at the same time preserving the natural damping properties of paper.  The two drivers are positioned in an isobaric arrangement; the second driver is placed internally back-to-back with the first, enabling a significantly improved bass response while minimising bass distortion.

Kudos’ trademark minimalist, low order crossover is of course a key feature, made possible by their seamless matching of the drive units. Alternatively, the Titan 606’s crossover has been engineered such that it can be completely by-passed in order to facilitate active operation with selected systems including Linn Exakt.

Please contact us for more information and to book your demonstration.

Phil Mulvaney

Phil has been involved in electronics retail for most of his life and has been a member of the Cymbiosis team since 1990. Phil specialises in digital streaming and networking solutions and is also one of the Cymbiosis webmasters.

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