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Hana 華 Cartridges

Posted by May 20th, 2019

Cymbiosis is pleased to announce that Peter has just added the Hana range of moving coil cartridges to our stock.Having auditioned them at length, he feels that they offer excellent sound quality at an affordable price.

Hana – 華 – means “brilliant and gorgeous” in Japanese and they have been winning reviewer praise and awards since their introduction to the UK in 2015.Hana ML MC Cartridge

Hana SL MC CartridgeManufactured by Excel Sound Corporation, a 50 year old company based in Tokyo, specialising in MC cartridges, they pride themselves on their manufacturing quality and quality controls at every stage, ensuring their handmade cartridges offer consistently perfect results.  Their expertise in design and manufacturing has produced in the Hana range, some of the finest sounding and value for money cartridges on the market today in their price ranges.

Hana EL MC CartridgePerhaps the most essential ‘secret’ is the hand assembling by skilled artisans. Excel Sound craftsmen hand assemble all the parts into a perfect finished product, producing a consistent “Brilliant and Gorgeous” Hana sound. Without this precise hand assembling and the fine-tuning work by Excel Sound’s renown craftsmen, with their accumulation of 50 years of cartridge production expertise, the Hana products would not sound so consistently fine and delicate.

Cymbiosis are stocking three of their different styli designs – the ML, the SL and the EL. Please contact Peter for more information or to book your demonstration.

You can read what Alan Sircom wrote about the ML in Hi-Fi Plus here…HIFI+172 Hana_LR

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