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The New Kid in Town

Posted by May 18th, 2016

Peter is delighted to announce a new addition to the Linn LP12 plinth repertoire from one of our very own customers, Simon Price.

Simon had been looking at the Chris Harban plinths to upgrade his LP12 but felt that they were just a little outside his price range. He mentioned to Peter one day that he felt that he could make an LP12 plinth to match the quality of the Woodsong plinths but at a more affordable price. Peter’s response was – go ahead and prove it!

It must be mentioned here that Simon wasn’t going to knock these up on his kitchen table though, as he is actually a time served Master Craftsman who has his own business designing and building bespoke furniture.

So not to one to refuse a challenge, Simon set about making a plinth for his own Linn LP12. Once completed he brought it in for Peter to have a look at and then have it fitted for him. Suffice to say that Peter was impressed with the superb quality, finish and attention to detail of Simon’s plinth, enough in fact to ask Simon if he would like to make some more for sale at Cymbiosis. Simon was absolutely delighted and set about his task resulting in a first batch of unique plinths, which are now on sale at Cymbiosis including one permanently on demonstration here. All the plinths are priced at the very attractive price of £700.00 including VAT.

We are pleased to show some of these plinths in the gallery below but why not come and view the plinths yourselves to realise the beauty and quality of Simon’s plinths, you’ll be amazed!

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Phil Mulvaney

Phil has been involved in electronics retail for most of his life and has been a member of the Cymbiosis team since 1990. Phil specialises in digital streaming and networking solutions and is also one of the Cymbiosis webmasters.

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