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Naim SNAXO For Kudos Arrives!

Posted by May 3rd, 2019

After all the anticipation, we are delighted to announce that Naim have now released a SNAXO active crossover for the Kudos Titan loudspeakers and also the Kudos Super 20A and Super 10A loudspeakers.

The SNAXO 362, which is a three-way crossover designed by Derek Gilligan, specifically for use with the Titan 808 using three stereo power amplifiers and the Titan 707 using two stereo power amplifiers. The SNAXO 242 is designed for the Titan 606, Titan 505, the Super 20A and the Super 10A loudspeakers using two stereo power amplifiers.

Power for either unit is supplied by a FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap power supply.

Cymbiosis has both crossovers available for demonstration with any of the fore mentioned speakers so please contact us for more information and to book your demonstration to experience the difference an active system makes. Once experienced, you’ll never go passive again!

Phil Mulvaney

Phil has been involved in electronics retail for most of his life and has been a member of the Cymbiosis team since 1990. Phil specialises in digital streaming and networking solutions and is also one of the Cymbiosis webmasters.

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