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Solstice – A New Dawn For Music

Posted by October 15th, 2021

Naim Audio Solstice SE TurntableNaim Audio has proudly designed and handcrafted music systems in the historic English city of Salisbury for almost 50 years. Just outside the city lies the World Heritage site of Stonehenge, it’s Neolithic standing stones perfectly framing the movements of the sun.

For thousands of years, countless generations have gathered at this iconic monument to mark midwinter and midsummer, when the rising rays of the solstice sun shine into the heart of the stone circle.

We weren’t sure whether it was going to arrive for the Summer or the Winter Solstice but no matter – the fabled Naim Audio Solstice Special Edition Turntable has finally arrived, and we are busy running it in ready for demonstration.

Naim Audio Solstice SE TurntableThe Solstice has been precision designed by Naim to neutralize the destructive effects of vibrations on the accuracy and quality of the sound you hear.

The legendary Naim Aro tonearm has been updated for the Solstice Special Edition, retaining the original’s design principles and excellence, but boosting performance further still by using improved materials, including tungsten and carbon-fibre.

Naim have also produced their own moving coil cartridge, Equinox. Equinox’s capabilities complement those of Solstice Special Edition as a whole: superlative information retrieval from vinyl records across and beyond all audio frequencies.

Naim Audio Solstice SE TurntableTo complete the package, Naim have included their first phono stage to feature discrete regulators – trickle-down technology from their flagship Statement amplifier and for the ultimate performance, the phono stage and the power supply are completely isolated, with no risk of interference.

As a Special Edition, Solstice is limited to 500 units worldwide. Cymbiosis has a number on order, which will be available on a first come, first served basis. So, if you are interested, please contact us for more information and to book your own personal demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Mulvaney

Phil has been involved in electronics retail for most of his life and has been a member of the Cymbiosis team since 1990. Phil specialises in digital streaming and networking solutions and is also one of the Cymbiosis webmasters.

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