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Peter & Alison in the United States

Posted by October 11th, 2023

Alison and I left London Heathrow bound for Cincinnati USA on the 19th September. Arriving later that day we were kindly met by the first of three clients I was seeing on this trip.
Linn LP12/KeelAn Ekos SE/1, a Keel and a Karousel were to be installed into a Naim Audio/Kudos Super 10 system for him.
Whilst visiting here we managed to take some time out to have a couple of nice hikes. The most memorable being the Turkey Run State Park. We had a great time and our clients made us so very welcome.

Our next customer lives just over 200 miles further southwest and we made the trip to Evansville later in the evening, arriving at our destination just after 11.00 pm!

Simrak hi-fi rackMy second client also uses a Naim Audio system and one of my jobs was to go active using the Kudos 242 SNAXO crossover as he uses Kudos Titan 606 loudspeakers. As you can see from the images, we specified one of the fantastic Simon Price Simraks, this one being specified in Pearwood in order to colour match some existing levels of Simrak, which we supplied our client back in 2015! Simon Price did a wonderful job as always. Additionally, as you might expect, I was doing some LP12 work, including Karousel, Keel, a Radikal upgrade to the latest version 2 and also a Urika 1 phono stage.

Additionally, because my client had moved house since my last visit in 2015, I was building the whole system up from scratch, and so quite a lot of work was involved, but most enjoyable as always. Whilst in the Evansville area, Alison and I enjoyed a wonderful sunset meal overlooking the Ohio river and we also managed to visit the John James Audubon State Park where we saw all manner of wildlife, including large spiders, frogs, snapper turtles and deer!

We had a great time looking after our clients in Evansville and they very kindly drove us to Louisville airport in Kentucky, a journey of over two hours, so we could catch a flight to Boston. Our clients’ efforts are really appreciated and saved as a huge amount of time trying to get from place to place on public transport.

Our final destination on this trip was Boston, where I was seeing another one of my longtime clients. He also has a Naim Audio active system using Kudos Titan 606s. The last time we were here was exactly one year ago and so we had a fairly light workload, which was nice and other than the system set up he was having a Radikal upgrade for his LP12.

We were able to spend a couple of days with our client sightseeing, including Newport, Rhode Island walking the coastal path round to Bailey’s Beach and the following day, taking the ferry across to Martha’s Vineyard, where we hired bikes to ride round the island for a day which was great and we were very lucky with the weather. What a fantastic time we had.

On our final day, with our flight back to London Heathrow only hours away, we spent the afternoon in the city of Boston sightseeing, before going to Logan International Airport, where we caught the overnight flight back home to the UK after a wonderful time with our clients.

Phil Mulvaney

Phil has been involved in electronics retail for most of his life and has been a member of the Cymbiosis team since 1990. Phil specialises in digital streaming and networking solutions and is also one of the Cymbiosis webmasters.

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